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Building materials manufacturers and their direct and indirect sales reps often get the short end of the stick when general contractors and architects disagree on product selections.

Interior designers and architects make up a good piece of your customer base as a building materials manufacturer, but how can you leverage these audiences to continuously bring in more business?

You can improve your channel sales through contractors by understanding they are often artists at heart, not salespeople or accountants. When you help them become better business owners, you'll build loyalty to your brand and as their book of busines...

Marketing in an indirect sales channel is no easy feat. The channel manager has little visibility to their end users, and they have to rely in part on their channel partners to effectively market their products in order to close sales. How do you as ...

Amy Balk, the Director of Marketing at Hoekstra Transportation, Shares The Daily Challenges as a Channel Partner That Manufacturers Can Implement Strategic Solutions To Improve Their Channel Relationships and Results.

“Do-it-yourself” home improvement has become easier and easier in correlation to the rise of the internet because, while the general property owner’s handiness and construction skill level may have declined, the availability of instructional material...

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