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November 5, 2021 | 3 Min Read

How to Successfully Implement an Enterprise Sized CRM System and Sales Process

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Will Smith

Chris Camfferman, Managing Director of Marketing at UFP Industries walks us through their successful implementation of the HubSpot CRM. Chris will speak about how UFP handled change management, what UFP was using before moving to the HubSpot CRM, and the lessons learned during this digital transformation.



  • 2:17 - Meet Chris Camfferman
  • 5:26 - Context of the CRM Implementation for UFP Industries
    • $5 Billion company, 130 location globally, with 14,000 employees and 300 salespeople using the CRM daily
  • 7:40 - What were the major challenges in implementing a CRM for such a large organization?
  • 9:28 - What UFP was using to manage sales previously? What was working well already?
  • 12:09 - What internal system and processes kept and enhanced for sales and marketing teams through the CRM implementation
  • 14:41 - How long did it take for the CRM Implementation process and adoption?
  • 19:30 - What was required to incentivize HubSpot adoption to make it successful?
  • 20:53 - Surprising benefits for UFPs sales and marketing teams after implementing HubSpot CRM
  • 24:19 - How to create a competitive advantage in the changing building materials marketplace
  • 29:34 - The surprising benefit of working with influencers for 
  • 31:06 - The value of HubSpot's sales playbooks
  • 34:12 - How to source social media influencers
  • 35:51 - The best piece of advice Chris has ever received

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