Unlock HubSpot's Full Potential with Expert-Level Support

With our experts as part of your team, your existing HubSpot instance will continue to evolve with you and operate in a way that fits YOUR business objectives and needs — not the other way around. With us by your side, you don’t have to wait until your team has the bandwidth for continuous system improvement, it will always be in motion!

HubSpot Admin Support

Key Benefits of Built-in Support

Increase Efficiency

Increase Productivity

Fast track your initiatives with a partner that knows how to leverage HubSpot’s tools to drive your initiatives and hit your goals — marketing, sales, or otherwise.

Boost Profitability

Enhance Profitability

By streamlining operations, you can significantly reduce operational costs of additional admin employees and increase your bottom line.

Enhance Productivity

Improve Efficiency 

Eliminate the unknown — AKA the “we’ll figure it out phase” — anytime a new idea or initiative involving HubSpot arises.

Customer Engagement

Boost Team Engagement

Ensure you are consistently operating at max team efficiency with the latest product knowledge and feature implementation, plus ongoing, personalized training.

Our HubSpot Retainer Services

HubSpot Optimization

Platform Management & Maintenance

Regular optimization checks for your HubSpot Account.


  • Manage user access and permissions
  • Monitor integration health
  • Perform data cleanup
  • Maintain database health
Predictive Analytics

Strategy and Consulting

Strategic advice on how to use HubSpot best to achieve your business goals.

Sample Focus Areas:

  • Marketing, sales, and service operation strategy
  • Sales enablement
  • Process automation workflows
  • New product updates that fit your goals
Improve Accuracy

Continuous Improvement

Regularly assess account performance and conduct audits to pinpoint improvement opportunities.


  • Property/data field clean up
  • Refining lead nurturing processes
  • Enhancing customer support workflows
Continuous Improvement (1)

Technical Support

Technical guidance and assistance troubleshooting issues that may arise.


  • Quick query solutions
  • Expert technical support access
  • Question answering
  • Advance technical solutions
HubSpot Implementation-1

Customization & Automation

Tailored features, templates & workflows for enhanced automation and efficiency.


  • Crafting email templates
  • Establishing lead scoring rules
  • Customizing reports and dashboards
  • Implementing advanced workflow automation

Reporting & Analytics

Make data-driven decisions to transform marketing, sales, and service.


  • Personalized reports
  • Performance tracking dashboards
  • Scheduled report distribution
HubSpot Admin - Popular Applications

Popular Applications


Marketing Automation

Streamline your online marketing efforts with automated lead generation, contact nurturing, lead scoring, campaign management, and more.


Sales Automation

Improve channel partner management with automated partner portals and workflow optimization.


Customer Service Automation

Enhance customer support with automated ticketing, customer support portals, and service workflows.


Software Integrations

Keep your necessary software applications linked - maintaining your source of truth - to drive business efficiencies.

Our HubSpot Retainer Process



During onboarding, we will conduct your official kickoff meeting and you will meet your ManoByte team members. We will also align on your immediate needs and long term goals, plus get a cadence meeting scheduled for touch bases.

Strategy & Consulting

Strategy & Consulting

With any immediate needs in mind, we will enter our initial strategy phase and outline our path to success, which may include a system audit. During this time, we will put a framework together for what our first handful of months will look like, including timeline. From there, strategy sessions will be held monthly and consulting will continue on throughout the entirety of our partnership.


Planning & Execution

All timelines and plans will be reviewed and maintained regularly. Your project manager will oversee the execution of necessary tasks to ensure you are receiving all deliverables, both on time and of expert quality.

Communication & Meetings

Communication & Meetings

You can expect to meet with your project manager every other week, post-initial strategy, to review what has been completed, what is in progress, timelines, and new needs that need to be addressed. 


Support Packages

Customized & Flexible Monthly Solution

  • Sales & Service Enablement
  • Marketing Infrastructure
  • HubSpot Administration
  • Managed Services
  • Fractional HubSpot Time
  • On-Demand Service

Monthly Retainer Services Begin at just $7,500

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