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You have a lot you're responsible for achieving and knowing. Below we have prepared these complimentary resources, templates, checklists, and the like specific for Building Products Manufacturers to increase your efficiency in generating high returns from your marketing and sales initiatives. Dive in!

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Building Materials Buyer Personas & Journey Mapping

Uncover the key purchase motivations and challenges for the end users of your building materials plus copy the template for buyer's journey mapping. 

The Ultimate Guide to Channel Marketing

Indirect Channel Marketing Strategy and Best Practices for manufacturers that will fuel a digital transformation of an indirect channel.

Building an Indirect Sales Distribution Strategy

Learn how to build an indirect distribution strategy that will benefit all stakeholders and maximize your potential growth.

A Beginner's Guide to Inbound Content

Rewatch our Tech Tuesday Webinar, where we cover Inbound Content and CRM's role in aiding quality content.

ManoByte Solutions Catalogue

Get a detailed view of all solutions, both large-scale and small-scale, that our team is equipped to implement for you.

ManoByte Website Project Process

Gain a step-by-step look at what to expect during your website project with ManoByte including the seven phases of your website project along with the timeline, point of contact, and milestone for each.

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Stay on Top Channel Trends

Covering topics relevant across Building Products manufacturing organizations and entire construction industry distribution channels, C-Level Executives, Marketing Directors, Sales Directs, and Channel Managers can all find practical knowledge to apply to their day-to-day functions in our blog.