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eBook | Marketing

Marketing Budget Template

We don't think Building Products Manufacturers need to spend more on their marketing. We do think what you allocate your budget to can be optimized to drive better results from the same budget.
Here's a marketing budget we'd recommend.
eBook | Sales | Operations

How to Increase Market Share Using Dealer and Contractor Locators

In partnership with Bullseye Locations, we've compiled this guide outlining How to Improve Market Share Using Contractor and Dealer Locators so customers can find "Where to Buy" your Building Products in a straightforward way.

eBook | Sales | Marketing

Channel Program Strategy Guide

A Successful Channel Partner Program Starts with a Solid Channel Strategy.
Download this Guide Documenting ManoByte's Channel Management Approach, Partner Enablement Strategies and Marketing Automation Tactics.
eBook | Customer Experience

Inbound 2021 Chaos to Calm Resources

Watch the session recordings and download the resources from Will Smith and Allen Falcon’s Deep Dive into Leading a Successful HubSpot Onboarding Process.

eBook | Sales | Marketing

Channel Growth Readiness Checklist

Use this assessment checklist to self-evaluate the readiness of your channel program and determine next steps towards scaling revenue from partners.

eBook | Sales | Technology

CRM Comparison List

Salesforce <> HubSpot <> NetSuite - which is best as a Cloud-Based Manufacturing CRM? Compare each by usability, price, and value gained by manufacturers.

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Learn how to get full insights into your direct and indirect sales cycle. 
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