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eBook | Marketing

Social Media Post Examples

Download this guide to view dozens of real life examples  for 7 different categories of post ideal for channel marketers promoting construction products.

eBook | Operations

Channel Sales Goal Setting Template

Use this one page template to define, communicate, and oversee completion of critical tasks and activities that will drive larger business outcomes to achieve top priority goals.

eBook | Sales

Guide to Stakeholder Management + Plan Template

Manage construction product sales better using the "Rule of 10" to guide your sales nurturing activities. Use the template stakeholder management plan provided for reps to navigate the sale in the channel wide and complex purchase environment.

eBook | Marketing

Building Materials Buyer Personas & Journey Mapping

Uncover the key purchase motivations and challenges for the end users of your building materials plus copy the template for buyer's journey mapping. 

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eBook | Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Channel Marketing

Indirect Channel Marketing Strategy and Best Practices for manufacturers that will fuel a digital transformation of an indirect channel.

eBook | Distribution Solutions

Building an Indirect Sales Distribution Strategy

Learn how to build an indirect distribution strategy that will benefit all stakeholders and maximize your potential growth.

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Learn how to get full insights into your direct and indirect sales cycle. 
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