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HubSpot for the Building Product Ecosystem

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Will Smith

In this episode of Building Products Ecosystem Unboxed, we talk with Kevin Dean, CEO, and President of ManoByte, about how HubSpot can help you create a connected experience for your customer and your customer's customer through effective channel management.


  • 3:02 - Meet Kevin Dean
  • 8:40 - What does the "Ecosystem" in "Building Products Ecosystem" mean?
  • 13:24 - What makes Hubspot work for building products manufacturers?
  • 17:47 - The current state of marketing for building products manufacturers
  • 20:42 - Exciting HubSpot updates to look out for
  • 31:15 - The best HubSpot features for building product manufacturers
  • 33:10 - What to look forward to at the LIVE HubSpot InBound conference
  • 37:40 - Hidden HubSpot features that commonly go unnoticed

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