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Any manufacturer can log onto Facebook, Instagram or TikTok and start creating posts. But just posting product spotlights or repurposed material from your website isn’t enough to gain the attention of potential customers. Follow these eight steps to ...

Contributed By Dave Daniels of BrainKraft The devastating impact of the 2020 pandemic will have a long-term effect on all industries, but especially the building materials industry. Innovation is the mother of invention, and it has accelerated since ...

Selling through distributors can feel like a complex maze to navigate, but it doesn’t have to be. Using some key components you can make the most of this relationship.

To be successful at managing your channel distribution strategy requires intentional management by you, the manufacturer, and yields highest returns when your partners are enabled to sell more, sell better, and communicate active sales deals to you.

Effective content marketing and website traffic generation through SEO must be complimented with keyword research and a core understanding of your consumers’ purchasing behavior.

Manufacturers selling indirectly through a network of partners, such as distributors, dealers, contractors and value-added resellers, lag behind companies who sell directly to customers when it comes to reacting to trends in buyer behavior. It’s no s...

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