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The Key Features of HubSpot Enterprise

By Emily Neier | January 7, 2019
Last September, HubSpot unveiled Enterprise levels for their Sales and Service Hubs, as well as a big update to their Marketing Hub Enterprise. The additional features of the Enterprise level aim to solve challenges of larger, more complex teams. If you’ve been thinking about adding or upgrading HubSpot’s Enterprise Growth Suite to your business, here’s a look at some of the advanced features available at this tier.


How ManoByte Can Help with HubSpot Integrations

By Emily Neier | December 7, 2018
We live in a hyper-specialized society that’s getting more complicated every day. But, when all those specializations come together, we humans get some pretty amazing things done. For example, your local pizza delivery restaurant probably has dedicated pizza makers, delivery drivers, and order takers. If each of those employees was responsible for doing some of all three of those tasks—you can imagine there’d be a lot of mistakes. Specialization means having the person with the right knowledge and skills for a job, so you’re not only getting a pizza—you’re getting a delicious one.


How to Leverage the HubSpot API

By Emily Neier | October 16, 2018
You’ve probably heard the term “API” tossed around, but if you’re not a web developer or programmer, API might not mean a whole lot to you. APIs are one of the things that allow the internet and websites to be as connected as they are, and they can add a lot of function to a website while also saving time for developers.


What You Need to Know About HubSpot Enterprise

By Emily Neier | September 14, 2018
Last week at INBOUND 2018, HubSpot introduced the new Growth Suite, a bundle of the Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs, available in three tiers: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.


6 Tips to Help You Get Started with Lead Scoring in HubSpot

By Serena Bonarski | April 17, 2018
Scenario A: you’ve been working on your inbound marketing strategy and your efforts have paid off. You’ve been watching the leads roll in from several channels, but after you give yourself and your team a (well deserved) pat on the back, you have to figure out what to do with them. Scenario B: you’ve been doing inbound for a while, but you hear from a coworker that Sales doesn’t think the leads you’re sending along are worth their time. Either of those sound familiar? You’re not alone. Defining what makes a lead qualified is a difficult task - but if you’re a HubSpot user, you’re in luck: leveraging the Lead Scoring tool makes it easier.


Helpful Tips for Optimizing Your Content

By Serena Bonarski | March 20, 2018
As a marketing or sales professional, you’ve got plenty of ideas and plans for great content that your audiences will love -- it’s helpful, interesting, relevant, and you know that when you finish that guide or post that blog, people are going to read it and convert. But then, they don’t. What happened?


ManoByte Goes Boston: March '18 HubSpot Training

By Serena Bonarski | March 13, 2018
Have you ever been to Boston? Part of the East Coast megalopolis, it’s absolutely saturated with US history, from its colonization in 1630 to being the birthplace of our revolution. But here at ManoByte, Boston has a very different significance: it’s home to HubSpot’s headquarters.


Is HubSpot Killing Keywords?

By Amy Post | March 6, 2018
The terms "Search Engine Optimization" and "keyword optimization" are staples in the digital marketing world. Inbound marketing agencies like ours have been using them as a driving force behind our marketing campaigns since pretty much the dawn of digital and inbound marketing. But you've probably been hearing things like "SEO is more than just keywords these days" and "search is transforming" as well as, "Google's algorithms are more sophisticated than ever." So, this begs the question, is the classic SEO optimization of keywords even working anymore? And if not, what are we going to do about it?