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Inbound Marketing

Your Boss Gets Inbound Marketing: Do You?

By Gillian | October 16, 2015
Inbound marketing is a team effort. But is your whole team speaking the same language? As you know by now,  HubSpot's State of Inbound 2015 is up and ready for reading. If you want to know what's going on in the marketing world -- including how inbound continues to surpass outbound marketing in popularity and results -- then you should read it right now. Because you know your boss is going to and if she gets to it first, that could spell trouble for you.  

Inbound Marketing

5 Stats That Prove Manufacturers Need Inbound in 2016

By Amy Post | October 15, 2015
Ah the manufacturing industry, you all are an intelligent, interesting (and sometimes maybe even a little stubborn) group of businesses. For several years now, marketing agencies like ours have been working to get the message of inbound marketing to manufacturing companies so they can understand the many benefits it can offer them. We often get resistance because: “inbound doesn’t make sense for our business, we are far too complex.” But now, not only do we know that inbound strategies can work for manufacturing, but HubSpot has given us a 76-page document to prove it works for any nay-sayers out there.

Inbound Marketing

Ask Your Doctor If The State Of Inbound 2015 Is Right For You

By Kevin Dean | October 15, 2015
Do you have problems sleeping at night? Do you struggle to prove that your marketing initiatives are paying off? Do you lie awake wondering "how am I going to get the budget to pay for my next marketing initiative?" Does trying to find an executive sponsor give you dry mouth?     If you or a marketer you love suffer from one or more of these symptoms then we have a remedy for you! 


4 Ways to Share Information Across Your Organization

By Gillian | September 9, 2015
  This week is INBOUND 2015 and the ManoByte team is in Boston. Well, some of us are. While part of our team celebrates all things HubSpot in Boston, the rest of us are keeping everything afloat, which actually dovetails quite well with what we want to talk about today: sharing information.

Inbound Marketing

Top 10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Pages

By Kevin Dean | August 13, 2015
Several critical components must be in place to meet your inbound marketing objectives, including effective landing pages with compelling CTA's. Without gating your resources with landing pages, your chances of converting strangers on your website are slim. But your landing pages cannot be successful at converting if no one sees them.  If you are looking for how to drive traffic to landing pages, you are in the right spot. 


Grand Rapids HubSpot User Group: Our July Event Was a Huge Success!

By Gillian | July 30, 2015
Yesterday, ManoByte was honored to host the quarterly Grand Rapids HubSpot User Group event. Our special guest was Angela O'Dowd, HubSpot Manager of Partner Marketing who came in from Boston to speak to more than 30 local HubSpot users and marketers about the critical Middle of Funnel (MOFU) marketing. 

Inbound Marketing

Should You Ignore Contacts Outside of Your Buyer Persona Profiles?

By Gillian | May 14, 2015
Buyer personas are a key part of the inbound marketing process.  They help you to segment your contacts, create content that speaks to a specific profile, and generate leads and customers more efficiently. In an ideal world, every contact that comes in through your website would fit neatly into one of your persona buckets so that you could put them in a workflow and wait for them to convert. Of course, the reality is a lot different than that. You might have anywhere from 10 to 50% of your contacts that don't seem to fit with your persona profiles. The higher that percentage is, the more strongly you might want to look into revising your persona data. However, if you're toward the lower end of the spectrum, that's perfectly normal. So what should you do with these contacts that come in and don't fit with your personas? As it happens, you have a few options.  

Inbound Marketing

Top Reasons To Outsource Your Digital Marketing

By Beth Jackson | April 25, 2015
No matter how well established and successful your company is, there is always room for improvement and growth. Marketing is an essential part of your business's growth trajectory, but if you are finding that traditional outbound methods are no longer working like they used to, it's because now is the time to shift strategies. Employing new marketing techniques can be time-consuming and costly. There's an easier way to implement inbound marketing without doing hours of dull research and content creation. Keep reading to find why outsourcing this task is best for your business.