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Selling building materials through traditional distribution channels and accommodating online building products purchases need not be mutually exclusive.
Get assistance keeping up with market demands for digital transformation and customer facing self-service options.

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Revenue Performance Management
Channel Management Solutions
CRM Implementation & Sales Enablement
PRM Implementation & Partner Relationship Management

Revenue Performance Management


The way building products are recommended and sold is rapidly changing. Much like the ecosystems transformations undertaken in the Tech and Medical sectors, the ecosystem model is on the precipice of disrupting the construction industry. Consult with our Strategist to stay on the front edge of the adoption of ecosystems and discuss how you can lead the way for your partners and customers. We can show you how to align your company's sales, marketing, and distribution channels to maximize revenue growth; creating a connected channel ecosystem.

Channel Management Program-ManoByte Full Length

Channel Management Solutions

Leverage the ManoByte team to kickstart and manage your channel program. Start enabling your distribution partners to drive more indirect sales. Strategize the right kinds of channel marketing content needed for marketing to, through, for, and with channel partners. Evaluate if an outsourced channel management program is right for your organizational objectives.

HubSpot CRM Implementation Process with ManoByte

CRM Implementation and Sales Enablement

Don't just "get" a CRM. Leverage ManoByte’s team to configure it properly, train users how to maintain it, and set up systems that propel your channel marketing and sales operations forward.

PRM Implementation Full Length

PRM Implementation and Partner Relationship Management

You CAN have a successful partner program without having a PRM software. But scaling your partner program is much more challenging without a PRM software, especially during periods of high employee turnover at your organization and partner organizations.

Solve the Issues Impeding Your Ability to Scale Partner Programs

Building Materials Sales Resources

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Building Materials Buyer Personas & Journey Mapping

Uncover the key purchase motivations and challenges for the end users of your building materials plus copy the template for buyer's journey mapping. 


The Ultimate Guide to Channel Marketing

Indirect Channel Marketing Strategy and Best Practices for manufacturers that will fuel a digital transformation of an indirect channel.


CRM Comparison List

Salesforce <> HubSpot <> NetSuite - which is best as a Cloud-Based Manufacturing CRM? Compare each by usability, price, and value gained by manufacturers.


Channel Growth Readiness Checklist

Use this assessment checklist to self-evaluate the readiness of your channel program and determine next steps towards scaling revenue from partners.


How to Increase Market Share Using Dealer and Contractor Locators

In partnership with Bullseye Locations, we've compiled this guide outlining How to Improve Market Share Using Contractor and Dealer Locators so customers can find "Where to Buy" your Building Products in a straightforward way.


Marketing Budget Template
We don't think Building Products Manufacturers need to spend more on their marketing. We do think what you allocate your budget to can be optimized to drive better results from the same budget.
Here's a marketing budget we'd recommend.

Building Products Marketing & Sales Enablement

Only one third of companies who sell through partners report channel revenues of 10% or higher of total revenues, according to recent Allbound research. This is a growing missed opportunity that is separating the top performers from the rest.


  • Only 13% of manufacturers find their current support advisors knowledgeable.
  • Only 16% of manufacturers adequately spend on marketing services. Those who do see a return of 200% on average per year.
  • 2 in 3 manufacturers do NOT feel like they have the sales and marketing tools or process available for success.

Let's talk if you are ready to

  • Increase revenue from channel partners.
  • Improve operational efficiency among channel teams.
  • Reduce friction at each touchpoint in the buying process.
  • Become the brand that all of your customers prefer.