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ManoByte Portfolio

Web Design | Technology


ManoByte helped LogicBay combine two existing HubSpot sites into one as well as optimize their blog for better performance while utilizing existing high-performing content.

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Web Design | Manufacturing


Working with ManoByte, ODL was able to achieve a seamless user experience and content tailored to their unique audiences.

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Web Design | Manufacturing

Crown Battery

Working closely with ManoByte, Crown Battery was able to create a seamless experience while increasing their SEO tactics and strategies designed around their business growth.

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Web Design | Other

Advantage Point Legal

ManoByte helped two record retrieval businesses smooth out their request process with a brand new e-record services application.

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Digital Marketing | Manufacturing

Irwin Seating

Irwin Seating Company is a fourth-generation owned seating manufacturer who enlisted ManoByte to leverage their history and industry expertise in a digital content strategy.

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Web Design | Financial

Independent Bank

Utilizing the HubSpot CMS and Hub DB, ManoByte helped Independent Bank develop a website that’s beautiful with a seamless customer experience.

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"With ManoByte’s strategic guidance, we were able to turn our website into a sales enablement tool that is consumer-focused and a valuable resource for our sellers."

Serena Bonarski, Digital Marketing Manager



"As soon as we came on board, we were relieved and impressed with their skill and knowledge of HubSpot. We value their honesty, input, and direction. They're a partner you can really trust."

Andrea Reynolds, Marketing Specialist

Grand Rapids Chair


"The Manobyte team paused to thoughtfully understand the nature of our business, to understand business strategy and outcomes and to clearly define expectations for the project."

Todd Grant, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Global Sales




"I like that the work that we're doing today we can carry forward. It's not perishable like a lot of the other types of marketing we've done in the past."

Jeff VanderWal, President

HillDT Solutions


"The ManoByte team is always there to help right away, and truly feel like an extension of our department. I have, and will continue to recommend them to my fellow colleagues."

Tricia Raquepaw, Director of Marketing Communications

Independent Bank