Trust is not given, it’s earned. It’s cultivated through transparent partnerships, consistent excellence, and a genuine comprehension of our clients' needs. We sought out to be more than just a service provider; we aspire to be a reliable ally in the growth journey of every client.

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The ManoByte team knows the HubSpot platform inside and out. Our team possesses every certification available. Our developers can integrate HubSpot with any platform, and our Client Success Managers understand the best practices required to help your implementation and adoption of the HubSpot CRM go smoothly. 


Meet the Team

Get to know the certified and accredited experts who are ready to help you succeed with your Business Process Automation initiatives.

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Kevin Dean

CEO | President

Kevin is the CEO and President of ManoByte. He founded the company in 2007, and he’s been leading the charge to help each of our clients get results.

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Jillian Lambert

Vice President of Solutions

As the Vice President of Solutions, Jillian is dedicated to the growth of ManoByte and its clients. In support of that, she is active in company leadership and sales. She oversees our Project Managers and client relations to support all-around success.

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Jeanie Barrett

Vice President of Operations

As the Vice President of Services, Jeanie focuses on leading our client service teams, developing business processes, devising operational strategies, and delivering exceptional services to our clients. She is deeply committed to unlocking the full potential of HubSpot and ensuring that our clients derive maximum value from it. With over 40 certifications in this platform, she is well-equipped to leverage its capabilities to meet their needs.

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Jimmy Cantu

Director of Sales

As the Director of Sales, Jimmy is dedicated to guiding prospective clients through evaluations and mapping solutions to address common customer pain points. His strategic focus extends to fostering growth through partnerships, alliances, and ongoing collaboration within the ecosystem. Outside of work, Jimmy is an enthusiastic golfer, chess player, and proud South Florida transplant.
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David Hernandez

Account Executive

As an Account Executive at ManoByte, David specializes in supporting the pre-sales process. Serving as the primary point of contact for potential clients, David diligently works towards gaining a comprehensive understanding of their requirements. He strives to ensure that ManoByte's solutions are tailored to support clients' goals effectively. When David proposes a solution, it reflects his confidence that it will successfully achieve the clients' key business objectives.

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Alonah Larbie

Director of Strategy & Innovation

As a Senior Solutions Consultant at ManoByte, Alonah leverages her expertise to design and implement solutions that meet clients' specific needs. With a keen understanding of the industry, Alonah helps businesses navigate complex challenges and achieve their technological goals. Her in-depth knowledge and strong communication skills allow her to effectively bridge the gap between technology and business objectives.
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Cindy Paradiso

Solutions Architect

As a Solutions Architect, Cindy optimizes businesses through the power of HubSpot's suite of tools and integrations. Through an in-depth analysis that unveils clients' challenges with their existing systems and processes, she strategically designs optimized solutions to ensure clients meet their goals and thrive within the HubSpot ecosystem.

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Erin Bebee

Solutions Architect

With many years of experience as a developer in HubSpot, Erin brings a depth of knowledge to both the capabilities and limitations of the platform. As Solutions Architect, she uses this experience to drive you towards efficient and practical solutions to utilize the tools at your disposal best.

Shannon Smiley

Project Manager

Shannon is a highly skilled and experienced Project Manager with a decade of expertise in the software industry field. She has consistently demonstrated a solid ability to build and maintain relationships with project stakeholders and effectively showcase the project's Return on Investment that she leads.

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Rachel Kern

Project Manager

As an Implementation Project Manager, Rachel is passionate about orchestrating projects from inception to fruition. With a knack for translating ideas into tangible solutions, Rachel’s mission is to drive seamless project execution, ensuring strategic alignment and exceeding stakeholder expectations.

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Lara Sissell

Project Manager

Lara, a strategic and successful Project Manager, has a proven reputation for ensuring project success from start to finish. Clients value her attention to detail, analytic mindset, and creative problem-solving abilities. Additionally, she excels in delivering continued support to our legacy inbound clients, ensuring their sustained growth.

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Emily Buchan

Lead Implementation Specialist

Emily Buchan is a Lead Implementation Specialist and assists with implementations by building workflows, pipelines, reports, and data mapping. She holds over 30 HubSpot Academy certifications and loves investigating solutions to complex problems.

Gerardo Fallas

Integration Specialist

As an Integration Specialist at ManoByte, Gerardo is known for his curiosity, passion for learning, and dedication to delivering top-tier services that consistently surpass expectations. He excels in problem-solving, stays updated on emerging technologies, and leads project service elements, ensuring seamless platform integrations.

Travis Bebee

Integration Specialist

As an Integration Specialist at ManoByte, Travis is passionate about developing flexible, robust solutions that surpass expectations—focused on problem-solving with an eagerness to learn and teach others.

Justin Dowty


With a passion for transforming innovative ideas into cutting-edge software solutions, Justin is a seasoned software developer known for his technical acumen and dedication to excellence in computer science.

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Awesome working with ManoByte

Services provided: CRM implementation, sales coaching and training, and sales enablement

    ManoByte really nailed this project. It was an absolute pleasure working with Steve, Chelsea and the team and we are exceedingly happy with the results.  

- Richard Uren  | Education Management | 6 to 10 employees

Ready to Dive In?

We tell others that we bleed orange for a reason: HubSpot is part of our DNA. Work with a team that is excited to deploy the full functionalities of the HubSpot platform to increase conversions and drive traffic to your materials. With over 15 years of strategic growth experience, our team of HubSpot experts and skilled marketing gurus take clunky systems, tech stacks, websites, and portals and turn them into tailored, intelligent workflows that drive traffic, increase conversions and support your team.

  • Spend 50% less time following up with leads.
  • Decrease sales close lead time by a third.
  • Propose informed solutions to qualified leads.
  • Double activity and capacity for marketing and sales employees.
  • Be empowered to present personalized collateral to customers based on marketing messages they've engaged with.

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