You are in good hands when you decide to take a plunge with HubSpot and the ManoByte Sharks

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Ready To Take A Deep Dive?

The ManoByte team knows the HubSpot platform inside and out. Our team possesses every certification available. Our developers can integrate HubSpot with any platform, and our Client Success Managers understand the best practices required to help your implementation and adoption of the HubSpot CRM go smoothly. 


Meet the Team

Get to know the certified and accreditated experts who are ready to help you succeed with your HubSpot projects. 

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Kevin Dean

CEO | President

Kevin is the CEO and President of ManoByte. He founded the company in 2007, and he’s been leading the charge to help each of our clients get results.

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Jillian Lambert

Vice President of Solutions

As the Vice President of Solutions, Jillian oversees our account management team, client relations, select strategic partnerships, and more - all ensuring everyone we work with has the appropriate solutions to achieve their business objectives.

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Jeanie Barrett

Vice President of Services

Jeanie is an expert in design, user experience, and ManoByte's solutions. Jeanie oversees our implementation teams - both marketing and design/development - to ensure all deliverables are completed on-time and of the utmost quality. She’s also a Champion User with HubSpot and has 33 unique certifications from the HubSpot Academy!

Jimmy Cantu

Director of Sales

Kat Cook

Director of Operations

Shane Slone

Sales Development Representative

Erin Bebee

Solutions Architect

Erin turns site design concepts into reality. She’s a master of the HubSpot content management system (CMS), custom templates, application and calculator development. If there’s a way to build it for a client, Erin is the one to work it out.

Cindy Paradiso

Solutions Architect

Cindy manages projects with our clients and helps them develop and implement marketing strategies. She has 31 certifications from HubSpot, including marketing and sales software and contextual marketing.

Brendan Rork

Solutions Architect

Lara Sissell

HubSpot Project Manager

Lara is a project manager who helps clients develop and implement their marketing strategies. She’s organized and attentive to detail to ensure the right message is said in the right way and an expert investigator and problem-solver.

Shannon Smiley

HubSpot Project Manager

Rachel Kern

HubSpot Project Manager

Emily Buchan

Lead Implementation Specialist

Emily helps clients develop a content strategy and create written content for websites, blogs, email, and eBooks. She has 12 certifications from the HubSpot Academy, including email marketing, social media, and inbound marketing.

Gerardo Fallas

Integration Specialist

Travis Bebee

Integration Specialist

Justin Dowty


Justin is a skilled developer in HubSpot and Wordpress. In addition to assisting in website development, Justin is experienced in development for applications, integrations, portals and calculators.

Rabia Faiyaz

Frontend Developer

As our Graphic Designer, Rabia creates the graphics for our clients’ websites and inbound marketing needs. Rabia is highly motivated, skilled, and a creative thinker.

Rachel Sedgwick

UX Developer

As our Web Designer, Rachel creates the concepts for our clients’ websites. Rachel is highly motivated, skilled, and a creative thinker.

Gaspar Roulet

Implementation Specialist

Stephanie Alfaro

Implementation Specialist

Josue Coto

Implementation Specialist

Krystel Orozco

Content Specialist

Kate Collins

Operations Manager


Awesome working with ManoByte

Services provided: CRM implementation, sales coaching and training, and sales enablement

    ManoByte really nailed this project. It was an absolute pleasure working with Steve, Chelsea and the team and we are exceedingly happy with the results.  

- Richard Uren  | Education Management | 6 to 10 employees

Ready to Dive In?

We tell others that we bleed orange for a reason: HubSpot is part of our DNA. Work with a team that is excited to deploy the full functionalities of the HubSpot platform to increase conversions and drive traffic to your materials. With over 15 years of strategic growth experience, our team of HubSpot experts and skilled marketing gurus take clunky systems, tech stacks, websites, and portals and turn them into tailored, intelligent workflows that drive traffic, increase conversions and support your team.

  • Spend 50% less time following up with leads.
  • Decrease sales close lead time by a third.
  • Propose informed solutions to qualified leads.
  • Double activity and capacity for marketing and sales employees.
  • Be empowered to present personalized collateral to customers based on marketing messages they've engaged with.

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