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Inbound Marketing

8 Common Myths about Lead Generation

By Shawn Persons | April 1, 2016
Why do we struggle with generating and controlling leads on a consistent basis when the idea is seemingly so simple?I have something.You need what I have.Let’s talk.At times, generating leads can feel like using a faucet without having any control of the water flow.

Inbound Marketing

The #1 Problem with Manufacturing Websites

By Gillian | March 5, 2015
In 2015, everyone has a website. But just because you have a way to find you online does not mean that your website is doing everything it can to help you reach your business goals. In fact, most manufacturing websites fall into one trap that robs them of tons of leads every day.

Lead Generation

Why Use Social Media for Lead Generation?

By Gillian | March 28, 2014
A lot of companies see social media as an easy way to build a brand voice and nurture customer loyalty through community. The constant interaction with an audience of fans and potential customers means plenty of opportunities to showcase your company's products and values. But social media doesn't exist just so you can talk yourself up and share photos from the company picnic. Social media is rich with real, honest-to-goodness leads if you know where to look.

Inbound Marketing

Setting Up a Facebook Page for Lead Generation

By Gillian | January 1, 2014
In starting up your social media presence - or just working to make it more effective - you don't want to neglect Facebook. In fact, it has been reported than more than 10% of an average person's internet minutes are spent on Facebook. That means ample time to get your message out, but it also means plenty of competition for your attention. You want to get the most out of Facebook that you can and that means leads. So how can you set up a Facebook page that maximizes leads for your business without sucking up all your time and energy? We've got some ideas that will help.

Inbound Marketing

How to Leverage Social Media For Inbound Lead Generation

By Gillian | November 27, 2013
  Companies are always searching for new ways to attract more customers. Implementing the right marketing strategies can cause sales to go through the roof. The key is to convey how valuable a product or service is to the potential customer. This all starts with education. So when thinking of how to leverage social media for inbound lead generation you want to first think about how can you educate consumers. The process that you want to follow is: Create educational content and place it on your website. Ensure that your educational content has a call to action to learn more. Have a landing page with a form to capture contact/lead information

Inbound Marketing

The Impact of Lead Generation

By Gillian | November 14, 2013
One of the most important part of any inbound marketing strategy is lead generation. After all, attracting visitors to your website only benefits you if you can convince them to take an action when they get there. Leads generation is a significant part of the second stage of the inbound marketing methodology--which is conversion. What is Lead Generation? Lead generation is the act of convincing a visitor to give you their contact information so you can get in touch and make the sale. In most cases, this means getting the visitor to sign up for an email list, but it could mean collecting a telephone number, social media contact information or a physical address too. You should design your pages with a prominent “call to action” buttons or forms. This step of convincing a visitor to give you information is what turns them from a visitor into a lead.


5 Secrets to Twitter Lead Generation

By Gillian | May 10, 2013
If you’ve been reading the ManoByte blog over the last few months, hopefully you have already figured out that one of the best ways (and by best we mean actually profit generating) for a business to use social media is for lead generation. And while each social media platform has its best practices for generating valuable and relevant leads, today we are only going to discuss Twitter, a site that is chock-full of leads for your business, whether you are a B2B or B2C marketer. These five tips will help you to understand the true impact of Twitter on your business’ bottom line and how you can make it as useful as possible.