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A Day in The Life of Your Distributor's Marketing Team

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Will Smith

Amy Balk, the Director of Marketing at Hoekstra Transportation, Shares The Daily Challenges as a Channel Partner That Manufacturers Can Implement Strategic Solutions To Improve Their Channel Relationships and Results.



  • 4:00 - Meet Amy Balk
  • 6:00 - Why Bringing Deals and B2B Businesses Up To Speed Is An Important Internal Initiative for Businesses in the Channel (Even Though It's Uncomfortable)
  • 8:43 - How Hoekstra Transportation Has Implemented Changes to their Trade Show Lead Generation Tactics in the Virtual Environment
  • 10:26 - How To Focus More on the Overall Customer Experience and Customer Care by Implementing a CRM System
  • 14:19 - What Manufacturers Can Do To Make Dealers and Distributors More Loyal to Them
  • 15:52 - Main Reasons Why Hoekstra Transportation Switched Manufacturers
  • 18:07 - How Hoekstra Transportation Leverages Co-Op Dollars and a Manufacturer's Brand Image to Market Their Own Brand as a Partner
  • 19:52 - Why Channel Marketing Based Manufacturers Should Invest in Asset Sites & Image Banks
  • 26:09 - The Power of Capturing Lead and Customer Information by Implementing a CRM System
  • 29:14 - Overcoming Department Wide and Company-Wide CRM Adoption Challenges
  • 30:50 - A Recent Achievement from the Ripple Effect of Implementing a CRM
  • 32:10 - The Best Advice Amy Has Ever Received
  • 34:55 - Concluding Remarks

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