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Customer Relationship Management

Understand your customers on a deeper level and stop letting leads slip through the cracks.


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What is CRM?

Customer relationship management is a combination of strategies, methodologies, and software that businesses use to track and manage their leads and customers, as well as business partners like suppliers, retail partners, and contractors. “CRM” most commonly refers to the software businesses use to store and manage customer information.

Business Planning

Why You Need CRM

CRM applications are more than customer databases. CRM solutions give sales and marketing teams the ability to automate many administrative and data-entry tasks as well as create more meaningful relationships with customers. When set up properly, a CRM helps your team build a better picture of your leads and customers and gives them the power to have the right conversations with the right customers at the right time.

How to Get Started with CRM

The first step to getting started with CRM is identifying a strategy to set up and implement the system. Oftentimes, there is an overwhelming amount of contact data that needs to be collected from more than one system, scrubbed, and sorted into relevant lists that reflect your customers. A detailed plan from set up to training your team with the new system is the foundation of successful implementation and adoption.

Our implementation strategies address the unique challenges of each individual client. From cleaning customer data and migrating information from old systems, we set up CRM implementations for success.


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