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Refuse to Miss Another Sales Opportunity Due to Poor Internal & Distribution Channel Communications.


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Great Partner To Help Kick Things Off

Having come from a semi-structured idea of our CRM layout, they were able to help us dive into what we really needed to focus on to continue to extend our brand and voice in our industry and create new meaningful content with direction and goals. Great experience, would highly recommend their expertise!

- Anders, R.

CRM Implementation plan

CRM solutions give sales and marketing teams the ability to automate many administrative and data-entry tasks as well as create more meaningful relationships with customers. CRM solutions can also support indirect sales channel management in conjunction with your PRM.

We've implemented the HubSpot CRM for teams with fewer than ten users and over a hundred users and everything in between. Every CRM migration is custom to your sales operations and team needs. We set up the system to work for you rather than try to fit you inside of a CRM box.

SalesForce v. HubSpot v. NetSuite: Which is Better?


Step One: Understand Your Sales Ops
Step Two: Data Import & Cleanup
Step Three: Sales Pipeline Setup
Step Four: User Setup & Configuration
Step Five: Automations & Notifications
Step Six: Training
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ManoByte CRM Implementation Process and Timeline

Don't just "get" a crm

We specialize in migrating the complex ecosystem that relates to running a manufacturing operation onto a CRM that you and your teams will actually use.

We'll work with you to develop necessary custom CRM functionality, train stakeholders on proper system use, and provide ongoing team support and CRM improvements to streamline your processes for years to come. (Because we firmly believe you shouldn't have to migrate your CRM ever again.)


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Manufacturer CRM Implementations

It all comes down to setting up a CRM system that all members of your organization can easily use, that will collect decision-relevant information, that can scale indefinitely with your organization, and that overcomes departmental silos (likes sales & marketing).

We firmly believe the success of your organization comes down to ease of use, tools adoption, and data entry, which is why we spend considerable time training your teams how to use the tools to ensure everyone gets the value out of it that is intended.

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