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Sales Enablement

Why You Need a Documented Lead Scoring Process

By Kevin Dean | May 21, 2019
Sales is a numbers game. The problem is sometimes the numbers don’t always seem to be in your favor. Lead scoring tilts the scale so that your sales teams are the their time productively, focusing their attention on leads that are more likely to close.

Sales Enablement

Benefits of Formalizing Your Sales Enablement Strategy

By Kevin Dean | April 12, 2019
When a company starts selling a product or service, they usually have lots of goals that relate to sales and revenue. However specific the goals, the selling tactics are often random and without a formalized strategy. The fast growing trend of sales enablement aligns people and software for a measured impact strategy. Formalizing your sales enablement strategy will lead to better buyer reactions, shorter cycles, bigger deal sizes, and improved win rates.

Sales Enablement

From Lead to Customer: 6 Keys to Successful Conversion

By Kevin Dean | March 18, 2019
If you're having trouble acquiring leads, then check out our blog post on understanding your target market to get started. If you've got leads but you're having trouble converting them, then keep reading our helpful guide on the keys to a successful conversion.

Sales Enablement

Implementing Sales Enablement This Year? Here's How You Can Maximize Your Efforts

By Emily Neier | January 9, 2019
If you’re jumping on the sales enablement boat this year, you might be wondering what you can do to put the wind back in your team’s sails. With the right strategy, the right training, and the right tools, you can bring up that anchor and set course for closing more deals.

Sales Enablement

6 Staggering Sales Enablement Stats

By Amy Post | January 3, 2019
I know what you might be thinking, you’re hearing a lot about this sales enablement thing, and your first thought is it's just "marketing fluff" that will come and go like the wind. And while we understand we marketers have developed a pretty good reputation for “polishing a terd” once in a while, this isn’t one of those times. Sales enablement processes are a proven method to enhance sales operations so your reps work the new leads from marketing more effectively so they can close business faster.

Sales Enablement

Building Effective Sales Enablement Strategies: Overcoming Obstacles in Your Sales Pipeline

By Emily Neier | December 20, 2018
You want you sales pipeline to flow like water through a—well, a pipe. As we near the end of 2018, perhaps you’re feeling like your pipeline is full of molasses instead. It might not be that your water has turned into molasses; there could be a few roadblocks holding up the flow, however. Keep reading to see how you can remove these roadblocks and get back to smooth selling!

Sales Enablement

What Effective Sales Enablement Strategies Look Like in 2019

By Emily Neier | December 17, 2018
The start of a new year can feel like the start of a race: you’re ready to jump right in with renewed energy and attack all your new plans and ideas. But we’re running a marathon—or maybe for some it feels like a triathlon—so we’ve got to sustain the momentum or risk burning out too quickly.

Sales Enablement

5 Tips for Enhancing Sales Productivity

By Amy Post | October 23, 2018
  As a salesperson, you’ve probably heard it a million times, “time is money,” and “never put off to tomorrow what could be done today,” as well as a list of other sometimes annoying (but true) inspirational sales quotes. But as they also say, talk is cheap, and you need to figure out exactly what you need to do to close some deals before the end of the quarter. First things first, whatever you do, it likely will start by amping up your productivity. But, as we all know, patterns are hard to break, and you’re just not sure what exactly you need to do differently to experience real results.