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Meet the Sharks: Get to Know our CEO, Kevin Dean

By Amy Post | March 7, 2018
We are excited to launch our new series of interviews, "Meet the Sharks" here on the ManoByte blog. We're starting this series because we are often asked about why the culture at ManoByte is so great, and we always provide the somewhat generic answer of, "it's our people". WIth this series, we'll highlight those amazing people who work to make inbound magic happen for our clients each day, beginning with our CEO and leader, Kevin Dean. 


Impact Award Entry: Website design with Thompson Remodeling

By Amy Post | March 7, 2018
Thompson Remodeling is a design/build remodeling firm located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For nearly four decades, they've been providing custom remodeling services for homeowners all across West Michigan. 


Is HubSpot Killing Keywords?

By Amy Post | March 6, 2018
The terms "Search Engine Optimization" and "keyword optimization" are staples in the digital marketing world. Inbound marketing agencies like ours have been using them as a driving force behind our marketing campaigns since pretty much the dawn of digital and inbound marketing. But you've probably been hearing things like "SEO is more than just keywords these days" and "search is transforming" as well as, "Google's algorithms are more sophisticated than ever." So, this begs the question, is the classic SEO optimization of keywords even working anymore? And if not, what are we going to do about it?


Impact Awards Entry: Grand Rapids Chair's Inbound Growth Story

By Amy Post | March 2, 2018
The Grand Rapids Chair Company is a manufacturer of commercial chairs and tables. While their largest customer segment is fast-casual restaurant chains, they supply nearly every category from casual to fine dining, college cafeterias, hotel venues and more. Their business spans all across the US and beyond, so it's highly likely you've experienced one of their products while sitting down at places like your local Wendy's or Whole Foods Marketplace.


HubSpot Impact Awards Entry: HILL DT Sales Enablement Services

By Amy Post | March 1, 2018
Background HILL DT is a supplier of decompression therapy chiropractic beds based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They pride themselves in being a results-based company with years of experience teaching, diagnosing & treating patients with their advanced decompression therapy beds and tools. Their personas are all comprised of highly educated Chiropractic Doctors who are practicing in a variety of offices and wellness centers across the US.


Why is HubSpot So Expensive?

By Serena Bonarski | February 22, 2018
  We’re no strangers to the HubSpot purchasing process. We went through it ourselves, and as an inbound marketing agency and a HubSpot partner, we get questions about it from clients, prospects, and our marketing peers all the time. What is Hubspot? And why is it so expensive?


Should You Hire a New Employee or Partner With an Inbound Marketing Agency?

By Amy Post | February 16, 2018
  In today’s competitive digital landscape, the old Field of Dreams movie quote; “if you build it, they will come” just doesn’t cut it when it comes to growing your business. While it may be true that you built a great business armed with a product or service that helps your customers solve a real problem, if those prospects never know about your solution, you’re likely on the fast-track to business failure. And this goes beyond just creating a cool postcard or buying a billboard ad to get your name out there: today’s buyers want to be well-informed about how you can help them before they talk with anyone from your company.


Should Your Business Buy HubSpot?

By Amy Post | February 2, 2018
If you’ve been a blog reader here at ManoByte for some time, you already know that we love all things HubSpot. But if you are new here and haven’t heard of it before, HubSpot is the tool we use and leverage for our clients to implement, adjust, and track all of our inbound marketing and sales initiatives. We even use the phrase, “we basically bleed orange” (HubSpot and ManoByte’s brand color) quite frequently.