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Customer Experience

20 Important Customer Service Stats You Need to Know in 2018

By Amy Post | July 13, 2018
Customer service should be a key element of all business processes. But customer service as a whole is experiencing dramatic changes as your clients do more and more of their research and problem-solving online. Does your business know how you should be adapting your customer experience processes for today’s digital-savvy buyer? If we can’t convince you, maybe these 20 new stats regarding modern-day customer support will help you to reevaluate your current customer service approach.


How Video Can Help With Employee Recruitment

By Anna Noa | July 12, 2018
We’ve talked to you about the importance of video within your marketing strategies time and time again, and even if we’re sounding like a broken record, we still encourage you to utilize video whenever possible for your marketing, sales, and customer experience processes. The reason we are so adamant on this is because video content resonates best with today’s digital audiences, and that’s not just for sales and marketing, either. It’s also is a necessary element for your talent recruitment process. Recruiting agencies are now reporting 800% more engagement with job postings that have video embedded. And in today’s highly competitive job market, most organizations can’t afford to be put a step behind all those video-friendly job postings.

Channel Marketing

How Manufacturers Can Help Drive More Channel Sales

By Amy Post | July 11, 2018
As a manufacturer that sells exclusively or primarily through a channel network, it can often be challenging trying to drive new sales when you aren’t managing the sales people who are actually face-to-face with your customers on a daily basis. Because of this common disconnect between the manufacturer and the end user, it might seem challenging to implement strategies you can track, measure, and test for sales growth. In order to combat this issue, manufacturers must be equipping their channel with the right tools and processes to drive more sales. But what does the channel need, exactly?


Meet the Sharks: Ashley Haan, Operations Manager

By Amy Post | July 10, 2018
  Today our "Meet the Sharks" blog series continues with the one who keeps us all together, our Operations Director, Ashley Haan!  

Customer Experience

Want More Engaged Prospects and Customers? $5 Might Just Do the Trick.

By Brenda Stoltz | July 9, 2018
Like most marketers, you’re faced with daunting challenges on a daily basis. Your webinars need more attendees. Your company demands more referrals. Not to mention you also crave a more engaged customer base.

Customer Experience

5 Tips for Aligning Customer Support with Sales & Marketing Teams

By Amy Post | July 3, 2018
We’ve heard it over and over again, how important it is for your sales and marketing teams to align with each other for maximum results and growth. But what about those customer support teams? Don’t they play a pivotal role in working with your biggest marketing and sales asset, your clients? Studies continue to show the importance of your current customers in effective business growth strategies, but yet very few companies report a strong alliance between their sales, marketing, and customer service teams.

What to Do When You Receive a Negative Online Review

By Amy Post | July 2, 2018
Any business with an online presence knows that there's a possibility that at some point, a customer may become angry enough to take some action in the form of a negative review. And maybe those angry "fingertips of courage" typed out something super infuriating about your company. Maybe now you’re upset and wondering what in the world you can do about it. The good news is, you aren’t alone: in today’s digital-savvy world where customers do almost all of their research online before they buy, this is a very common occurrence. Unfortunately, since customers are far more likely to leave a bad review than a good one, the chances of receiving one are pretty high. But although they're quite common, you shouldn’t discredit the importance of a negative review or not take action. In all reality, your response to the review is almost equally important to the review itself.

Channel Marketing

6 Tips for Marketing Through a Channel of Distributors

By Amy Post | June 29, 2018
The terms, “channel selling” or, “selling through a distribution channel” are essentially the same thing. It means the distributor doesn't sell a product direct to the consumer, but instead, through a channel of resellers. Marketing in this type of arrangement can often be a challenge because there's a need for an effective strategy that markets the product or service to both the reseller as well as the end user.