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Inbound Marketing Strategy

How Manufacturing Companies Can Leverage Instagram

By Megan Prangley | June 14, 2017
Instagram may be the hub of food photos and well-angled selfies, but did you know it also holds massive potential as a marketing tool for those in the manufacturing industry? Whether you're producing office furniture, plastic parts, consumer goods, or anything else, if you're not on Instagram sharing your brand's message - then you're missing out on a pretty big promotional opportunity for your business. Keep reading for a few fun ways your manufacturing company can start using this channel for free today.

Marketing Tips

The Grand Rapids Marketing Planner: June 12th-16th, 2017

By Amy Post | June 12, 2017
"We're feeling HOT, HOT, HOT!" this week, how about you? It's going to be a steamy one here in the West Michigan area, that's for sure. I think we'll all be looking for some great spots where we can rest in some A/C with a cool beverage this week, so why not hit up a networking event around town where you can do just that? Here are a few Grand Rapids Marketing events where you can beat the heat:


HubSpot IMPACT Awards Submission: The HEPACART Inbound Growth Story

By Amy Post | June 12, 2017
HEPACART is a manufacturing company that specializes in infection control and dust containment equipment. They provide durable, portable, and affordable solutions with maximum efficiency for their customers.

Buyer's Journey

4 Questions to Ask Before Sending a Proposal

By Amy Post | June 8, 2017
  The sales process can be intense, and the point when the prospect asks for a proposal can be a very exciting moment. You are so ready to close that business, grab the profits, and deliver your excellent product or service! So, the minute someone asks for the price you should give it to them, right? Not so fast, partner, believe it or not, that prospect might not be ready to see those figures yet, and you don’t want to be too quick to send them.

Marketing Tips

What's This Slack Thing, Anyway?

By Allison Spooner | June 7, 2017
If you had a way to improve communication among your team, eliminate extra emails and have a little fun while doing it, would you? Our guess is, yes. The answer to your communication woes may lie in a new tool you’ve probably already heard a lot about. Slack is a messaging app that’s slowly making its way into business conversations across industries. But what exactly is this Slack thing anyway and do you even want people to be able to Slack you?

Inbound Marketing

The Grand Rapids Marketing Planner: June 5th - 9th, 2017

By Megan Prangley | June 5, 2017
Some exciting events are coming up this week, and we wanted to be the first ones to tell you about them because we're just cool like that! Get out of the stuffy office and enjoy some sunshine on your way to these awesome marketing, business, and networking events. We're also planning some exciting events the ManoByte team will be hosting later this season, so subscribe to the blog now to make sure you never miss a Monday Marketing Planner. 

Sales Cycle

Selling Tips For When You’re the Most Expensive Player in the Game

By Megan Prangley | June 1, 2017
Imagine two identical ice cream cones looking delicious in the hot Summer sun; one costs two dollars and the other costs ten. Which would you choose to buy? The answer is obvious, the cheaper cone because nobody likes to pay more than they have to, and in today's digital world customers can easily compare prices to get the best deal. They can tell when one vendor, product, or solution costs more than a competitor's, so how can you empower your sales team to navigate this hurdle?

Content Marketing

Social Video Metrics that Really Matter

By Megan Prangley | May 30, 2017
Marketing and analysis go hand in hand like ying and yang, or peanut butter and jelly. Every step of your inbound process needs to be documented and analyzed to inform your next steps as a marketer. Otherwise, there's no way to know what works and what concretely doesn't work. Reporting the success metrics with things like email and content offers are clear; check who opened it, how many converted, etc. The metrics to determine the ROI and success of video marketing might not be as cut and dry, especially if you're new to using video in your business strategy.