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How to Leverage the HubSpot API

By Emily Neier | October 16, 2018
You’ve probably heard the term “API” tossed around, but if you’re not a web developer or programmer, API might not mean a whole lot to you. APIs are one of the things that allow the internet and websites to be as connected as they are, and they can add a lot of function to a website while also saving time for developers.

Business Growth

How to Grow Your Business by Fixing a Toxic Culture

By Emily Neier | October 9, 2018
Whether it’s one bad apple that spoils the bunch or a list of multi-dimensional causes, a toxic culture puts the whole company at risk. Low employee engagement and toxic culture in the workplace is linked to lower productivity and higher employee turnover, which are emotionally and financially costly for your organization and your employees. But cutting these costs isn’t easy. What can you do to start improving your company’s culture—and in turn save money and headaches.

website optimization

What is Domain Authority—and Why is it Important?

By Emily Neier | October 5, 2018
You probably already know what SEO stands for, but when it comes to the real nuts and bolts of search engine optimization, does the technical jargon give you a headache? There’s a dozen new acronyms a day for a system that’s always changing—if you’re not an SEO expert, it’s hard to keep up. But, it’s still important to understand the basics when you’re creating website content. Domain authority is an SEO metric you can use (even when you’re not the team’s SEO specialist) to understand the overall quality of your website compared to your competitors.

Business Growth

Planning a Digital Transformation for your B2B Business? Here’s Some Help.

By Amy Post | October 4, 2018
Believe it or not, there are still a lot of B2B companies still out there today who haven’t adapted their marketing strategies to a digital audience. Sure, these businesses might have that website they built in 2008 living out there on the internet, but it serves more like a glorified business card and is a far stretch from truly taking a business to market online.

Michigan Marketing and Technology Conference

Time's Running Out to Get Tickets to the Michigan Marketing & Technology Conference

By Amy Post | October 1, 2018
As we’ve mentioned here on the ManoByte blog, we are a Diamond Sponsor of the Michigan Marketing and Technology Conference scheduled for Tuesday, October 16th in beautiful downtown Grand Rapids at the CityFlats Hotel. It’s a full day event that is jam-packed with informational keynotes and breakout sessions in a wide variety of topics in the marketing and technology space. The conference is coming up soon and seats are filling up fast, have you gotten yours yet?


Meet the Sharks: Emily Neier, Content Specialist

By Amy Post | September 28, 2018
  Today, we continue our Meet the Sharks series with our newest shark in the tank, our ManoByte Content Specialist, Emily Neier.

Indirect Sales Strategy

How to Improve Channel Partner Engagement

By Emily Neier | September 26, 2018
When you communicate with your channel partners, do you talk to them or do you talk at them? Think of the end of the day announcements in grade school, for example, where the principal would come over the intercom and read off a list someone else wrote of upcoming events and information. Chances are you probably remember standing at the door of the classroom chatting with your friends, or being scolded by a teacher to sit down and listen. There’s also a chance that you missed out on some important information (like that picture day is tomorrow!) because you weren’t paying attention.


ManoByte Named a Top 5 Finalist for Small Business of the Year!

By Amy Post | September 21, 2018
This week our team received some pretty exciting news from our friends over at the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce that we thought we should share here with our blog readers. We’ve been honored to be in the Top 5 Finalists for the EPIC award for Small Business of the Year with the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce! This is a tremendous honor to be recognized and selected among thousands of other small businesses here in Grand Rapids.