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Video Marketing

How to Effectively Use Live Streaming in B2B Marketing

By Anna Noa | February 4, 2019
Concert ticket sales hit an all time high in 2018 reaching over $2.2 billion in global revenue. The projected worth of the augmented and virtual reality industry in the next five years is over $60 billion. Needless to say, people love to be entertained by live, interactive experiences. And when it comes to B2B communication, this principle is no different.

Channel Marketing

4 Tips for Utilizing Marketing Funds Effectively Within Your Indirect Sales Strategies

By Kaylee Knapp | January 29, 2019
Even though the goals of marketing efforts are relatively static, the strategies in which channel marketers utilize are ever changing. In our current digital landscape, there are many savvy tools, tricks, and tips that are available to help make marketing through a channel easier and more cost effective. From understanding your target market to implementing through-channel marketing automation, these tips below will help you better understand how to use marketing development funds (MDF) more effectively so your indirect sales strategies become more successful. 

Indirect Sales Strategy

How to Battle Partner Churn and Achieve Sales Success

By Emily Neier | January 25, 2019
If you’ve lost a channel partner, you know partner churn is like the mean, older sibling of customer churn. Whether they left on their own, or you had to part ways over poor performance, partner churn has a whole host of unique challenges. There’s coordinating the return of unsold product, POS systems, and marketing collateral, as well as tasking IT with removing their information and accounts from your partner portal and PRM platform. And, as the channel manager, you’re faced with the questions of that partner’s customers. Why are they no longer carrying your product? Where can they get it now? Or worse, you could lose those customers altogether.

Channel Marketing

5 Ways to Enhance Your Partner Marketing Program

By Emily Neier | January 23, 2019
Marketing in an indirect sales channel is no easy feat. The channel manager has little visibility to their end users, and they have to rely in part on their channel partners to effectively market their products in order to make sales. How do you as the channel manager supply your partners with what they need to succeed? Below, we’ve gathered some ways you can enhance your partner marketing program for smoother selling throughout the entire channel.

Sales Enablement

Implementing Sales Enablement This Year? Here's How You Can Maximize Your Efforts

By Emily Neier | January 9, 2019
If you’re jumping on the sales enablement boat this year, you might be wondering what you can do to put the wind back in your team’s sails. With the right strategy, the right training, and the right tools, you can bring up that anchor and set course for closing more deals.


The Key Features of HubSpot Enterprise

By Emily Neier | January 7, 2019
Last September, HubSpot unveiled Enterprise levels for their Sales and Service Hubs, as well as a big update to their Marketing Hub Enterprise. The additional features of the Enterprise level aim to solve challenges of larger, more complex teams. If you’ve been thinking about adding or upgrading HubSpot’s Enterprise Growth Suite to your business, here’s a look at some of the advanced features available at this tier.

Sales Enablement

6 Staggering Sales Enablement Stats

By Amy Post | January 3, 2019
I know what you might be thinking, you’re hearing a lot about this sales enablement thing, and your first thought is it's just "marketing fluff" that will come and go like the wind. And while we understand we marketers have developed a pretty good reputation for “polishing a terd” once in a while, this isn’t one of those times. Sales enablement processes are a proven method to enhance sales operations so your reps work the new leads from marketing more effectively so they can close business faster.

Sales Enablement

Building Effective Sales Enablement Strategies: Overcoming Obstacles in Your Sales Pipeline

By Emily Neier | December 20, 2018
You want you sales pipeline to flow like water through a—well, a pipe. As we near the end of 2018, perhaps you’re feeling like your pipeline is full of molasses instead. It might not be that your water has turned into molasses; there could be a few roadblocks holding up the flow, however. Keep reading to see how you can remove these roadblocks and get back to smooth selling!