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Sales Enablement

What Effective Sales Enablement Strategies Look Like in 2019

By Emily Neier | December 17, 2018
The start of a new year can feel like the start of a race: you’re ready to jump right in with renewed energy and attack all your new plans and ideas. But we’re running a marathon—or maybe for some it feels like a triathlon—so we’ve got to sustain the momentum or risk burning out too quickly.

B2B Marketing

Why Continuing Education Programs are Critical for B2B Marketers in 2019

By Emily Neier | December 11, 2018
Physicist William Pollard once said, “Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” Nowadays, Pollard’s words ring true every time your laptop starts auto-updating: something new is always on the horizon, and as citizens in the digital age, we must adapt quickly to keep moving forward.


How ManoByte Can Help with HubSpot Integrations

By Emily Neier | December 7, 2018
We live in a hyper-specialized society that’s getting more complicated every day. But, when all those specializations come together, we humans get some pretty amazing things done. For example, your local pizza delivery restaurant probably has dedicated pizza makers, delivery drivers, and order takers. If each of those employees was responsible for doing some of all three of those tasks—you can imagine there’d be a lot of mistakes. Specialization means having the person with the right knowledge and skills for a job, so you’re not only getting a pizza—you’re getting a delicious one.

Social Media Marketing

5 B2B Companies doing Instagram Right

By Emily Neier | November 29, 2018
This summer, Instagram reached 1 billion active monthly users. There’s no doubt some of your ideal customers are using this photo-sharing app, so what can your business do to leverage the platform?

Business Growth

5 Email Workflows Every Company Needs

By Emily Neier | November 28, 2018
Email automation—it’s made our lives easier. But is it making the lives of your customers better? Utilize these five email workflows to make sure you and your customers get the most out of your sales and marketing automation platform!

Business Growth

How Diversity & Inclusion Programs Produce ROI

By Emily Neier | November 26, 2018
You may have heard that companies with diversity and inclusivity initiatives perform better than companies who don’t, or who are only meeting the bare minimum required by law. Organizations that embrace diversity and foster inclusivity do generally outperform their competitors who aren’t, but it’s difficult to attach numbers to prove those particular initiatives are what’s driving performance.

Financial Services

5 Digital Growth Tips for Banks

By Emily Neier | November 16, 2018
Banks are a necessary part of life for individuals and businesses, but there’s a lot of banks to choose from—so how does a financial institution stay ahead of its competitors? How does it keep growing in the digital age?

Customer Experience

Interactive Voice Response: Automating Customer Service

By Emily Neier | November 14, 2018
Have you ever called a customer support line and heard the computer-generated voice phrase: “I am capable of understanding complete sentences”? There’s a pretty good chance you have, and there’s also a pretty good chance that when you tried to relay the reason for your call to this artificial intelligence bot, it told you, “I’m sorry, I did not understand. Can you repeat that?”