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Business Growth

What Do Employees Think About Purpose In An Employer's Brand?

By Kevin Dean | June 19, 2018
Purpose. It's such a simple little word, and yet we don't often see it explicitly listed on company 'About Us' pages. Sure, the mission statement is there, but this is typically a well-worded short sentence that leaves future employees wondering about the "who, what, where, when, why, and how." How is the mission statement achieved? Why is the mission statement the purpose of the company? When will the mission be achieved? What will the mission actually do for the global (or local) society, and does the purpose actually need to be tied into a societal contribution? Who will be a part of achieving the mission statement? These are the bigger questions that a company's purpose inspires within future employees and the millennial generation.

Customer Experience

What You Can do to Make Your Customer Feedback Actionable

By Kevin Dean | June 18, 2018
Collecting customer feedback is key to understanding how well you're meeting customers' needs. And while collecting all the feedback in the world is great, unless this feedback is actionable, it proves to be of no value. Let's explore helpful tips and advice for getting the most out of your customer feedback by using it in actionable ways. 


Meet the Sharks: Camille Knouff

By Amy Post | June 15, 2018
Our "Meet the Sharks" blog series continues today as we showcase more of the creative genius we have here at ManoByte! Please enjoy as you learn more about our video graphics extraordinaire, Camille Knouff.

Customer Experience

The Inbound Service Framework Guide to Company Growth

By Kevin Dean | June 13, 2018
How engaged are your customers? What steps have you taken to ensure that each customer who interacts with your company is fully engaged? If you are like most organizations (one study showed more than half), you don’t have a formal program for customer engagement in place. How many customers did you lose last year? Not sure? Customer engagement programs have methods for providing you with this vital information. If you have not implemented a formal customer engagement program, you probably don't have the tools in longterm scalable company growth.

Customer Experience

The Fundamentals of Customer Journey Mapping

By Kevin Dean | June 12, 2018
A customer making a purchase is not a single act. Today, with competition fierce and a wide array of platforms and ways to make a purchase available to customers, there are a number of steps that go into that final act of purchasing. Customers are smarter and savvier today because of technology. Businesses who want to attract customers must also be just as savvy and intelligent, and that means understanding their customers and the journey they travel to make a purchase. 

Sales Enablement

The Fundamentals of a Sales Pipeline

By Kevin Dean | June 8, 2018
Sales prospects rarely approach a company and purchase their product or services with just a single interaction. A sales pipeline is a defined process that allows you to see how your prospects move prospects from the initial interaction with you all the way to the close of a sale. Each stage in the pipeline is based on specific actions, and your customer relationship management (CRM) solution can represent this in a more visual way for you. 


New GDPR Customer Privacy Rules are Too Important to Ignore

By Lauren Depuydt | June 6, 2018
The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is legislation enacted by the European Union. And because of the mere location of these new regulations, it seems it might be an easy thing for businesses based elsewhere to dismiss it -- especially if they know that none of their customer base is within that area. However, we would urge you to reconsider that fact, as you are likely impacted even if you only do businesses within the US and Canada. 

Don't Miss These Upcoming Marketing Conferences

By Amy Post | June 6, 2018
Are you looking to build meaningful industry connections straight from experts to re-energize your team with fresh ideas in sales, marketing, technology, and more? A marketing conference can be a great way to learn from industry experts from a variety of areas in a very short amount of time with little cost to you.  To assist you kick-start your success journey, here’s a list of eight top marketing conferences of 2018 you should checkout: