Danielle Fauteaux

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There are twelve primary challenges facing most architects in 2022. We can categorize each as either Pragmatic Challenges and Idealistic Challenges.

Regardless of the issues your company faces, you can be successful and become customers' preferred brand by focusing on three main points: Look Outside Yourself Remove Friction Improve Salespeople’s Business Acumen

When considering residential and commercial builders as the end user of a product, it is your role as a manufacturer to help them sell more buildings, sell more profitably, and reduce their business risk.

Following in step with the progression of other industries that leverage distribution partners to go-to-market, the building materials industry is facing the new task of re-tooling existing indirect distribution models and partner programs to form ec...

Sometimes it takes a little more "umph" to get your channel partners motivated to educate their prospects further about your offerings and have preference for selling your brand over your competitor's brand. SPIFFs are a tactic to consider.

To be successful at managing your channel distribution strategy requires intentional management by you, the manufacturer, and yields highest returns when your partners are enabled to sell more, sell better, and communicate active sales deals to you.

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