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Video Marketing

7 Engaging Types of Business Videos

By Megan Prangley | May 12, 2017
Think the only kind of videos your business can use are sentimental "about us" videos -- think again! Now, don't get me wrong, there's a time and a place for a thoughtfully crafted company culture video, but it's not your sole option. Not sure what kind of video I'm talking about? "About us" videos are arguably the most common type of corporate video content and look similar to the example below:

Video Marketing

Tips for Making Videos for Each Stage of the Buyer's Journey

By Amy Post | May 10, 2017
Let us start out by congratulating you for merely making it to this blog post. Reason being, you probably landed here because you are one of the very smart business leaders that understand the great value video is offering businesses today. Trust us when we tell you that you are a step ahead of most organizations. What an excellent opportunity for you to move ahead of your competition by using video to grow your business in this strategic way!


The Grand Rapids Marketing Planner: May 8th-12th, 2017

By Amy Post | May 8, 2017
Greetings once again, fellow Grand Rapids marketing professionals! We are already into our second week of May, and that means it's time to "Spring" right into some great networking opportunities! Here are a few we are making note of for this week. If you happen to see us around, make sure to stop and let us know you follow all the great events we post here on the weekly planner. 

Video Marketing

How To Promote Your Video (And To Who)

By Allison Spooner | May 5, 2017
While it probably feels like a CD skipping given how much we talk about video (does talking about CDs make us old?) we’re going to keep talking about it and how you can utilize to grow your business. Because hey, we like you. Once you’ve accepted how big a part video can play in the growth of your business, you might find yourself struggling with the specifics, like how to promote it and to who.

Inbound Marketing

4 Insane Things Your Business Website Should Be Doing

By Amy Post | May 3, 2017
Many companies today, (especially those in the manufacturing industry) tell us things like, “ It seems like our site is just a business card sitting out there on the internet.” And while a business card is still the preferred tool for your face-to-face networking opportunities, it should pale in comparison to the insane results your website is creating for you when it comes to lead generation and business growth. Today’s businesses must look beyond their ‘About’ and ‘Contact Us’ pages when it comes to their digital footprint. While having those areas remain relevant for the website as a whole, today’s digital landscape demands more from businesses. If you accept a status quo website, (which isn’t even really the quo anymore, if we are really honest) you now risk losing customers by the masses because they are making a quick decision not to do business with you after a 2-second scroll of your website.

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Marketing Planner - May 1-5th, 2017

By Megan Prangley | May 1, 2017
You've landed on the best, one-stop resource for planning your week as a business professional and/or marketer in the greater Grand Rapids community. There's something for everyone this May and ManoByte is here to dish out the details about where should you be for career-related growth and networking this week. Let's get going with the Grand Rapids Marketing Planner with special highlights of future events to RSVP for ASAP!

Web Design

10 Ways Your Website Could Be Driving Customers Away

By Megan Prangley | April 28, 2017
When it comes to websites, it's easy to say, "good enough," about design and functionality. After all, if something isn't broke, per say, why fix it? But, becoming complacent with your business site is a dangerous mindset. If you're not continuously improving your pages and appropriately updating as trends change, you could be driving customers away in droves. Here are ten common mistakes that make the leads on your site cringe.  


3 Tips to Help Increase Organic Traffic on Your Website

By Megan Prangley | April 26, 2017
Having a beautiful, lead-generating website is great, but what if no one is getting there? For 66% of marketers improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority. (HubSpot, 2016) If you're one of these professionals, don't worry, there are ways to increase the organic traffic to your website. Keep reading for a few best practices to boost your web traffic. Before we dive in, organic traffic refers to people who land on your website from unpaid search results. If you're an organization or marketing team on a strict budget and can't shell out big bucks for Pay-Per-Click Campaigns, then the name of the game is organic traffic and search engine optimization.