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Channel Marketing

What is a PRM?

By Emily Neier | August 15, 2018
PRM or Partner Relationship Management is any combination of strategies, methodologies, software, or web applications that businesses using a distribution channel can use to communicate with their channel partners. Although they look and sound similar, PRM and CRM are not interchangeable terms, and relying only on CRM strategies and technology solutions often fall short of what channel managers (and channel partners) need to successfully get their products and services to end users.

Michigan Marketing and Technology Conference

Last Day for #MiMarTech18 Early Bird Pricing, and Another Speaker Announced!

By Amy Post | August 15, 2018
By now you probably know that ManoByte is the Diamond Level sponsor of the Michigan Marketing and Technology Conference being held at CityFlatsHotel in our home city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. We're super excited to be a part of such an awesome event. And the best part? The tickets are only $150 for the entire day of sessions led by a great group of speakers from all areas of the marketing and technology space. Lunch and a special happy hour is also included. But that pricing goes up another $25 tomorrow, so if you want a seat, make sure to reserve it today.

Business Growth

Need a New Website and a Marketing Strategy but Having Sticker Shock? Read This.

By Amy Post | August 13, 2018
Here at ManoByte, we talk to a lot of people about their hopes and dreams for their business website, marketing, and growth strategies. Virtually everyone we speak with usually knows they need some additional assistance to effectively market themselves in today’s digital landscape. But, sometimes, we come face-to-face with a big challenge: the price.

Website Design

Planning a Website Redesign in 2019? Why the Project Should Start Right Now

By Amy Post | August 8, 2018
One of our busiest times of the year here at ManoByte, from a sales perspective, hits around November or December each year. Why? Because we hear a lot of the same statements around that time that are similar to this: “We need a new website for 2019.” And while we aren’t complaining about the year end ramp-up we get for our business, we do want to encourage those with this line of thinking to not wait until November or December to begin this project. While better-late-than-never is true in this case, it's so much easier to get started now. Here’s why:

Customer Experience

Thinking of Putting Chat on Your Business Website?

By Amy Post | August 7, 2018
Website chat services have now become almost an expected part of any website you visit. You know, the little bubble that sits on the right lower corner of your browser, providing access to answers at any moment a question may arise. They’re ultra-convenient, and perhaps sometimes even a little aggressive, but they present a massive opportunity to service your prospects and current customers in a format many of today's website visitors prefer, and quite frankly, expect these days.


Meet the Sharks: David Noa, Lead Videographer

By Amy Post | August 3, 2018
Today we continue our special, "Meet the Sharks" series with ManoByte's Lead Videographer, David Noa!

Channel Marketing

5 Steps for Launching Your First Channel Marketing Campaign

By Amy Post | August 3, 2018
As we’ve mentioned, marketing within a channel of Value Added Resellers (VARS) can pose some challenges because of the sheer dynamic of the multi-step sales process. Often times, the VARs are selling multiple lines of products, so getting yours to stick out among your competition with both the VAR salespeople and the end-user can be quite the feat. However, many successful channel networks today are implementing marketing and sales strategies that are tremendously successful toward growing their revenue. And it all starts with the launch of a channel marketing campaign that addresses the needs of those involved.

Website Design

Why Keeping That Old Website Hurts Your Business

By Gabriella Fantozzi | August 2, 2018
There's a silent but deadly plague affecting many of today's B2B businesses. It creeps its way into the minds of potential leads striking doubt, uncertainty, and a general feeling of uneasiness about you and your company.