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Amy Post
by Amy Post
on June 27, 2016

It’s finally that time of year, friends. It’s Shark Week! Time for you to cuddle up on the couch and start a major binge-watching session about these magnificent and mysterious animals that we here at ManoByte have come to love in a strange (and somewhat twisted) way. We love them because they share a lot of the same traits that we strive for here at ManoByte (except for that whole deadly, people-killing thing they sometimes do.)

When we think about sharks, the first one that typically comes to mind is the Great White Shark, because it’s widely-known as the most dangerous type. But the Great White also shares a lot of other, more appealing traits that we think are also found around the office here at ManoByte.

Great Whites are Adaptable

ManoByte is adaptable, too. It starts with our sales team; they take great pride in their ability to adapt to ensure we are finding all possible avenues to help our clients achieve measurable inbound marketing results. Because if it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense! Being adaptable also moves through all facets of our organization, as we understand that all businesses are unique, and each inbound marketing strategy has to be carefully crafted to the individual needs and goals of the companies we serve.

Great Whites are Dominant

ManoByte is dominant, too. But, we do it in the best and most humble way, of course! But we’d like to brag a bit for a quick second here if we may. Did you know ManoByte is a HubSpot Platinum Partner? This means we are one of the leaders of delivering inbound marketing services in the world. We see that inbound marketing with HubSpot works for companies, and we dominate the process from start to finish.

Great Whites are Resourceful

ManoByte is resourceful, too. Our team of inbound consultants and designers ensure we are using every possible approach and resource available to create strategies that deliver results. Whether that be finding unique ways to refresh and repurpose old content or websites with fresh design, CTAs, and images, to finding and brainstorming what new resources or imagery will drive more leads, the ManoByte team knows how to use our resources to deliver results.

Great Whites Have Good Hearing

At ManoByte, we are good listeners, too. Simply hearing what our client's needs are is not enough, we want to understand truly what the organization is about so we can find the right combination of inbound elements to achieve the goals set before us. We develop open conversation in a relaxed atmosphere so our clients feel comfortable talking to us about what’s working and even what’s not.

Because we love Shark Week so much, each day this week on the blog we’ll be showcasing some of the traits of five of the most amazing and mysterious sharks that are lurking throughout the depths of the ocean. You won’t want to miss tomorrow when we examine the unique traits of the aggressive Hammerhead Shark!

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