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Shark Week

Grand Rapids Marketing Spotlight: Our Shark Week Recap!

By Amy Post | January 16, 2017
All good things must come to an end, right? This week we are "back at it" after wrapping up our first ManoByte Shark Week of 2017. And if you don't know what ManoByte Shark Week is, it's when our entire team takes some extra time together to learn, connect, and get geared up for another great year ahead. To put it mildly, it's a crazy fun and educational week filled with some super yummy eats. 

Shark Week

Shark Week: Whale Shark

By Megan Prangley | July 1, 2016
Are you enjoying Shark Week? We sure are! Here at ManoByte, Shark Week marks an exciting time for us when we get together, review our work, talk about strategy, and of course Sharks! Most people jump right to the Great White and we don't blame them. Made famous by Jaws, the Great White is extremely iconic, more so than the Shark I've been tasked to analyze: the Whale Shark. 

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Shark Week: Mako Shark

By Stephanie Cutler | June 30, 2016
The Mako Shark: Although the majority are found in the waters surrounding Tahiti, these very adaptable sharks can also be found in warm waters while other can be found in cold, some live close to the shore in shallow waters while others prefer the depths of the ocean. They are truly diverse, just like our ManoByte Team. 

Shark Week

Shark Week: Lemon Shark

By Gillian | June 29, 2016
Shark Week is in full swing now! Hopefully you have been entertained and educated by our shark posts so far. Before you do anything else, let's check in with the ManoByte shark in our latest Shark Week video:

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Shark Week: Hammerhead Shark

By Shawn Persons | June 28, 2016
The Hammerhead Shark is perhaps one of the most recognizable sharks based on its physical characteristics. Besides the long, lean body, its head is shaped like a two-sided sledge hammer. (That is one head bump I would not want to be on the receiving end of.) But what else do you know about this ocean residing creature? Since this post is coming from ManoByte, what personality traits does the Hammerhead Shark possess that could be useful to an Inbound Marketer? Let’s take a closer look! (Don’t worry, no dive cage required).

Shark Week

Welcome to #SharkWeek! Let us introduce you to The Great White Shark

By Amy Post | June 27, 2016
It’s finally that time of year, friends. It’s Shark Week! Time for you to cuddle up on the couch and start a major binge-watching session about these magnificent and mysterious animals that we here at ManoByte have come to love in a strange (and somewhat twisted) way. We love them because they share a lot of the same traits that we strive for here at ManoByte (except for that whole deadly, people-killing thing they sometimes do.) When we think about sharks, the first one that typically comes to mind is the Great White Shark, because it’s widely-known as the most dangerous type. But the Great White also shares a lot of other, more appealing traits that we think are also found around the office here at ManoByte.

Shark Week

Shark Week: The ManoByte Team's Favorite Shark Movies

By Gillian | July 10, 2015
We can't let Shark Week go by without a nod to how important these predators have been to the cinematic arts. I took a very scientific (not at all scientific) poll around the ManoByte offices and we came up with a few of our favorites. And because I get to write the post and choose what to write, I'm not going to write about Jaws. I don't have anything against Jaws, it's just kind of obvious. So without further ado:

Shark Week

Shark Week: A Day in the Life of a Shark [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Gillian | July 8, 2015
What better way to continue this awesome week (SHARK WEEK) than with some cool shark facts? Click through to check out some amazing things you probably didn't know about these ocean creatures.