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July 2, 2020 | 5 Min Read

Tips for Marketing SaaS

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Diana Vilic
Tips for Marketing SaaS

Marketing SaaS products can pose a challenge, especially because they have no physical presence. However, there are still many ways to attract your target audience through various marketing techniques.

What is SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS), is a cloud-based service that allows data to be accessed from any device with an internet connection and a web browser.

On-premise software differs from SaaS in two key ways:

  • SaaS software does not require extensive hardware, allowing buyers to outsource IT responsibilities typically required to troubleshoot and maintain the software in-house.
  • SaaS systems are typically paid using a subscription model, while on-premise software is purchased through a perpetual license and paid upfront.
  • On-premise users may also pay up to 20% per year in maintenance and support fees for their software. While the annual or monthly subscription fee for a SaaS system includes the software license, support, and other fees.

What makes SaaS marketing different?

SaaS marketing is all about long-term customers

Companies that offer SaaS are looking to acquire and retain customers long term. Once someone becomes a customer, SaaS providers are responsible for consistently communicating and marketing to them to prevent turnover.  

The SaaS customer journey is complex

The time table for a SaaS implementation can take anywhere between three to twelve months. That’s because the customer journey through a SaaS marketing funnel isn’t straightforward. SaaS marketing requires a company to create and promote content at varying levels of awareness and tailor that content to various segments of the buyer's journey. 

Tips to Market SaaS

Develop SEO Tactics

You can help to ensure your target market finds your company by focusing on search engine optimization. Using relevant, well-targeted keywords and content is a great way to draw in an audience. 

Increase Authority With Strong Content 

SEO isn’t the only factor that plays into search engine authority. In order to perform well on search engines, the quality of your content matters. Creating valuable and informative content that people will share helps prospects find your brand.

SaaS marketers have a unique advantage in creating content because they have access to a wealth of data regarding their services. Through creating white papers, infographics, helpful blog posts, and hosting webinars, your company can appear to be a trusted industry leader. 

Use Retargeting For Prospects

There will always be site visitors who may explore your website a few times before deciding to reach out. Using prospect reports, like the one provided on HubSpot, you are able to contact prospects who have visited your website using public IP information.

Additionally, retargeting can help bring prospects back to your website. When prospects are retargeted to, they are shown online ads or sent emails that bring them back to you. Retargeting can be completed through Facebook Business Manager, Google AdWords, or HubSpot. 

Optimize Product Trials And Demos 

Most SaaS companies offer a free trial or demo of their software. Offering demos allows prospects to gain information about features without overwhelming or intimidating them. 

To maximize your product trial or demo conversion rate, make sure that prospects have a frictionless experience using your product. In order to achieve this, you may have your sales team offer to do a walkthrough using a phone call, webinar, or series of emails. Additionally, your team may focus strictly on the aspects of the software the prospect may use. For example, when offering a demo for ERP, you would focus most of your time on the financial reporting and not the retail dashboards if your prospect is an accounting manager.

Tips for Trials and Demos

  • Keep trials short
  • Contact your trial signups immediately
  • Offer value-focused demos
  • Follow up relentlessly

Tips for Retaining Customers 

Keep Marketing Even After A Purchase

SaaS companies are constantly at risk of customer turnover. Users sign up, try the product out, decide that it doesn’t provide them with the value they expected, and leave. To prevent turnover, ensure your customer success team follows up with new clients and offers training. Many SaaS software may not be user friendly at first. Softwares such as ERPs and CRMs are often filled with dashboards and reports that can be confusing to new users. Working closely with onboarding teams ensures everyone is comfortable using the software, and prevents unnecessary turnover.

Figure Out Why People Are Leaving 

Turnover can be a marketing issue, rather than a development one. If clients leave within the first few months, you may need to spend more time on your onboarding strategy and offering educational content to new users to ensure they gain value from your product as soon as possible. Additionally, targeting may need to be improved to make sure qualified buyers purchase your SaaS. Sending out exit surveys or tracking NPS scores is a great way to gauge room for improvement and help create new strategies.


SaaS offers many benefits that work in the interests of both suppliers and users. ManoByte is able to help you market your SaaS to ensure business growth. Contact one of our Business Growth Consultants to schedule a free demo of NetSuite or see how HubSpot or Zinfi is right for you.

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