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Kevin Dean
by Kevin Dean
on October 15, 2015

Do you have problems sleeping at night? Do you struggle to prove that your marketing initiatives are paying off? Do you lie awake wondering "how am I going to get the budget to pay for my next marketing initiative?" Does trying to find an executive sponsor give you dry mouth?  


If you or a marketer you love suffer from one or more of these symptoms then we have a remedy for you! 


Introducing the HubSpot 2015 State of Inbound Report. When used as prescribed, this report will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized so you can take on the biggest challenges that face today's marketers. This report was compiled using survey results from close to 4,000 marketers.  Overwhelmingly, the study shows that outbound is overrated and inbound rocks! Three out of 4 marketers around the world have made inbound marketing a priority.  If you do not have the tools in place for measuring the ROI of your marketing initiatives, then perhaps you will sleep better knowing that you are not alone. But if you really true, relaxing peace and rest then starting tracking and measuring ROI. 

Warnings and Side Effects

Warning: This report is 73 pages long. This report will  give insight into the state of Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales (the two are not the same.)  This report is applicable to businesses of all types, sizes, and budgets.  If your boss reads this report before you do, you might have some explaining to do.


Do not download this report if you do not believe you need a website or that it's impossible to get leads from your website. Do not read this report while driving or operating heavy equipment or machinery. Talking to yourself, shaking your head, and pointing your finger at your monitor while reading State of Inbound 2015 have been reported. Do not read this report while drinking alcohol to avoid posting insolent messages to or about your boss on your social media profiles.


Side effects may include; Irritability with your traditional marketing agency. Abnormal behavior may include; aggression, confusion, irritability, or hallucinations. For depressed marketers, worsening depression including enhanced risk of quitting your job may occur. 


If your symptoms include hyperventilating over how you implement a successful inbound strategy for more than 4 hours, please contact a platinum HubSpot partner immediately.  


State of Inbound 2015


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