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by Beth Jackson
on September 8, 2014

The authorship experiment that Google started since about three years ago was brought to an end few months ago after the first update that Google will stop displaying authorship photos in search results. The big question now is that should those people that have invested their money and time in implementing authorship for their contents go back to remove it after the death of Google authorship?


What is Google’s Authorship?

Google’s authorship was primarily a way that helps content owners to link between their website and Google plus profile in order to display the author’s profile (name and photo) with their contents in search results. Authorship profile does not appear on the website; rather it appears on the search results. It can be inserted into the content by “markup”.

Advantage of Google’s Authorship

Since the launch of authorship, several studies have praised its ability to increase the number of visitors (increase traffic) to sites that implement it. Though, we cannot say whether authorship influence the ranking of sites, but what studies proved to us was that Google’s authorship increased traffic for many site owners.

Reasons for Authorship Death

The reason why Google ended the authorship cannot be fully explained, but according to report, it was revealed that Google’s authorship was of no use to search results. In another reason that seems not clear to me, it was said that authorship photos might have been distracting users from search results. Since the operation of Google’s algorithm is not in my disposal, the reasons will remain unclear and could be best explained by Google’s staff.

Effects of Authorship Termination

It is still early for us to conclude whether authorship removal will negatively affect traffic to sites, but since there was positive influence to traffic when authorship was still in existence, it might be hard to believe that its death doesn’t have any negative effects and it will not. According to Google’s John Mueller, the death of Google’s authorship does not seem to reduce traffic to sites.


Should Authorship markup be removed?

I’m sure this is the question that will keep web masters ruminating. After investing precious time and money in implementing authorship in several web pages, should all those codes be removed? Well, I will tell you no, since Google said those markup will not be used for anything. Another reason why you don’t have to remove it is because other search companies might be using it.


Though, all the efforts to include authorship into web pages are futile, we don’t have to be discouraged, we need to move on and ready ourselves for what may be next up Google's sleeve. Need help with your online presence? Contact us today!