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Allison Spooner
by Allison Spooner
on June 21, 2017

Many manufacturing companies today still don't see the value their website presents for business growth. Websites and social media are often viewed as marketing techniques for popular brands or consumer-driven products. But if you’re a manufacturing company who isn’t utilizing an inbound-leveraged website, you’re missing out.

In this blog, we will highlight surprisingly simple ways a website and online presence can help manufacturers who are looking to grow their sales and meet their revenue goals by generating more qualified leads.

1. You're Online and Aware of SEO

If you’re not online, you won’t get customers. It’s as simple as that.

So, as surprisingly simple as it may seem, just being online, having a website, or placing your contact info on Google can increase conversion rates and generate leads through your website. If your site utilizes keywords that relate to your business, your site has a much higher likelihood of showing up in search results when consumers are looking for a solution to a problem. If you only do one thing for your website, leverage it for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with keywords you can rank for.  

2. You're Showing Social Media Some Love

Maybe you’re used to seeing “cool” brands like Nike, Coke or Redbull filling up Newsfeeds, racking up “likes” and interacting with customers. But just because you’re not a popular clothing brand or the most popular soda in the US (sorry, Pepsi) doesn’t mean you can't have an engaging social media presence. In fact, you SHOULD focus on building an engaging social media presence. Social media users that find you on social, and enjoy the content you share, will be more likely to visit your website in the future.

3. You Aren't Ignoring Video

If you’ve been reading our blog, video isn’t really an unexpected way to generate leads. But, if you’re a manufacturing company, it might seem a little surprising. What could we make a video about? Will people watch it? Do we have the resources?

The simple, surprising answer to these questions? Everyone can utilize video. Use a video rather than a blog to describe a lengthy process, answer frequently asked questions in a Q&A style, or use video to post testimonials from satisfied customers. Add CTAs to these videos, and you have an engaging way to attract visitors and get them to convert into leads.

4. You've Got Landing Pages

A landing page is an easy addition to any page on your website that collects visitor information and turns looky-loos into leads. When used effectively, and in the right spots on your website, these pages can be helpful rather than annoying, and can offer visitors that might just stop by for a second, the chance to take an action that could potentially turn them into customers.

5. You Love a Good Chat

This feature is growing in popularity (we just added it to our website!) and is a great way to connect with website visitors that may not engage with you otherwise. When visitors come to your site, give them the option to talk to a real person rather than browsing your site (and possibly giving up!) for the answer to their question. Simply starting a conversation can offer an unexpected and more humanized tool that helps build connections with customers.

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