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July 20, 2020 | 8 Min Read

5 Highly Effective Inbound Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Providers

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Cat Cook
5 Highly Effective Inbound Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Providers

Did you know that according to new studies, more and more people are searching online for health information, but frequently can't find what they're looking for? Those searches are coming from 80% of internet users, or approximately 93 million Americans, who have searched for a health-related topic online.

Times Have Changed

It's no secret the internet has forever changed the way we do things, especially when it comes to the healthcare industry. The first thing many people do when they want medical information of any kind is to search the internet. That includes researching symptoms, the side effects of a drug, diet, nutrition, or any other health-related issues.

However, the final step in any internet search for the majority of those people is making an appointment with a medical provider. So what does that mean for you and your business?

That means if you're not using search engine optimization and an effective inbound marketing strategy, you're missing out on a significant amount of exposure and ultimately a significant amount of patients as well.

Unfortunately, inbound marketing for healthcare industries has been a bit slow to catch on. If you're not using inbound marketing as part of your advertising strategy, now is the time to get on board, as inbound marketing typically results in 56% more leads than outbound marketing?

Five Highly-Effective Inbound Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Industry Providers

The healthcare industry could significantly benefit from the theories used in a best practices inbound marketing strategy. Using such strategies can help you more easily and effectively connecting with patients on a personal and meaningful level.

1. Search Engine Optimization for Healthcare

When people seek out medical information on the internet, the first thing they do is research their topics of concern, which is where content marketing and search engine optimization comes in. Search engine optimization (SEO) is basically content marketing. Therefore, if you write (or have written) articles, produce infographics, record a health video, etc. you are providing the exact information that the patient is looking for. And when you do that, you are building trust between you and that patient which results in that patient perceiving you as an authority in the healthcare industry.

That patient is then going to choose you over your competition as their go-to healthcare expert. Why? Because you have already built a certain level of trust with them through your content. You now have a new patient—potentially a long-term patient who will become a spokesperson and advocate for your practice. 

2. Social Media Marketing for Healthcare

Many people go straight to their favorite social media platform when they need healthcare information. This may sound strange, but people want to know what their peers think, what they know, and how they have personally dealt with any given healthcare issue. That's because they feel it helps assist them in their own decision-making process. So, if patients are placing much of their trust based on what their peers on social media are saying, then you need to have a presence on social media as well.

Engaging with patients and providing them with accurate, valuable information is the best way to position yourself as an authority in the healthcare industry. This makes social media marketing an exceptionally effective marketing tactic. You can do this by posting articles, videos, charts, graphs, infographics, or other pieces of valuable health content to the social media websites your patients frequent the most.

And as we mentioned above, when you continue to provide patients with valuable, useful information, you will be the one they contact for help in resolving their healthcare issues because they view you and your brand as an expert and thought leader in the healthcare industry.

3. Email Marketing for Healthcare

Email marketing can help the healthcare industry in a number of significant ways, especially when it comes to engaging with patients on a more personal, meaningful level. With email marketing, you can talk to the patient directly using their name and provide them with hyper-targeted content that contains links to your website, social media pages, and blogs.

Email marketing will help build your medical provider brand and position yourself as a thought leader, as well as an authority in your industry.

4. Healthcare Blogging

Healthcare blogging is a form of content marketing and can be done by posting health and wellness tips to your website's blog, forums, social media websites, etc. You can also develop posts that answer frequently asked healthcare questions, do and don't information, best practices, or even write content specific to what's currently trending in the news such as COVID-19, etc. Writing about trending current events is a great way to receive traffic from large amounts of people trying to get a straight answer about any given topic. 

Providing people with factual healthcare information, studies, and other high-quality content could certainly boost your credibility very quickly making you their go-to source for trustworthy information, as 82% of businesses who blog see a positive return on investment from their inbound marketing efforts.

5. Video Marketing for Healthcare

Video marketing is another form of content marketing and is perfect when used as inbound marketing for healthcare providers. This is because many people prefer watching videos over reading text, and people can more easily comprehend a video since it shows them what you're talking about versus them having to picture and interpret what you are saying, which can leave room for incorrect interpretation.

The Bottom Line

A properly developed inbound marketing strategy for healthcare providers could mean the difference between your facility thriving or just barely getting by. Why would you want to just barely get by when inbound marketing is a proven, highly-effective digital marketing tactic that many of your competitors probably aren't using yet?

What's Next?

If you want highly-qualified professionals to create an effective inbound marketing campaign for your healthcare practice, please contact ManoByte today. We would love to help you take your brand to the next level.

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