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Amy Post
by Amy Post
on June 17, 2015

As a professional writer, I’ve noticed that sometimes people have this strange fear of writing when it comes to anything that stretches beyond the email they sent their coworker 5 minutes ago. It almost seems like they feel the need to start pointing out how unqualified they are to write something that could actually be used marketing the business, like a landing page.

The truth is though, anyone can create awesome landing page copy, especially if they’re knowledgeable about the business and can focus on a few key tips to landing page success. Here are some tips to help write copy for those landing pages that are actually going to convert to leads:

1. Write an Awesome Headline

Good news for those who are scared of writing here, most people don’t read your entire landing page word-for-word. They do read the headline though, so if there’s any area to sweat over, this is it. People like to skim over chunks of content so the headline should be strong enough to convert by itself. Make the headline large and readable, with a subheading that focuses on the benefits of the product or service.

Eventbrite Landing Page


Online ticketing company Eventbrite gets right to the point with their bold headline. So much so that the other copy offered is minimal.

2. Use Language Everyone Understands

Your business may have acronyms or ”shop talk” terms that you think EVERYONE should know, but when it comes to landing pages, you need to spell it out as clearly as possible.  Write the page as if you were talking directly to someone, people don’t like reading text that comes off as robotic or stale. Write in the first person and throw in some humor if it’s appropriate.

3. Highlight the Benefits Before the Solution

Customers today already know what solution they need, because they have scoured the internet to research it. Write copy that highlights and focuses on all the benefits that your solution can provide them with that others may not. 

4. Provide Compelling Proof

Writing copy about a great product isn't nearly as powerful as showing proof of the benefits your product offers. For example, take this powerful statement: “Our recent customers have seen an average lead generation increase of 55%” This statement carries a lot more impact than simply saying, “You leads will increase drastically.” The more specific you can be, the better. 

5. Ask For Action

Typically, if you fail to ask for something, you aren’t gonna just have it magically handed to you. Ask your viewers to do something within your landing pages through a carefully crafted call-to-action statement. People like to follow directions, so make it easy for them to do so!

Kickoff Labs CTA

Kickofflabs integrates their CTA button with their message. You know exactly what you will get when you click. 

6. Provide Confident Guarantees

Remember, some people do read all the copy on the landing page, so if you can’t back up what you are writing, leave it out. The worst landing page mistake you can make is to over promise and under deliver.

7. Avoid Common Mistakes

Speaking of mistakes, there are a lot of mistakes made on landing pages today, try to avoid them:


  • Cluttered Pages: Too much copy and busy images make a page hard to understand and ultimately, can cause a high abandonment rate.
  • Asking for Too Much: Buyers get overwhelmed and distracted easily, keep pages laser-focused so it’s as easy as possible to do exactly what you want them to do: convert.
  • Navigation Mistakes: A website sidebar and navigation menu don’t belong on a landing page since they can cause confusion, distraction and a chance for the viewer to move somewhere else instead of converting. Remove additional navigation wherever possible.

8. Use Testimonials

Your customers expect you to brag about your product or service, so it’s a refreshing change to see someone else (who also isn’t reaping financial gain like you) praising your business. Your customer is your best reference, so use them! 


Design interface Canva lets visitors know upfront that they have been tried and approved by top tastemakers, including the Webbys.

9. Test It

The power of inbound marketing helps you to gain access to a wealth of information to make decisions with, so use it! Use HubSpot and run an A/B test on two different landing pages with different sets of copy to see which one performs better.

10. Tweak it ‘til it’s Right

There are a lot of elements on a landing page: copy, images, layout and the placement of everything. The key to high conversion rates is to constantly test and tweak both the copy and page elements to find the best possible combination with the highest conversion results.

So there you have it! Landing pages (and other marketing copy, too) doesn't have to be as scary to create as it may seem. By implementing these suggestions and testing and tweaking your pages, you will be converting leads in no time!

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