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ManoByte Named One of the 2017 “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch”

By Amy Post | March 21, 2017
Disclaimer: This post contains high levels of bragging and tooting-our-own-horn, as well as lots of excitement about how geeked our entire ManoByte team is about winning a prestigious award here in our home state of Michigan!



By Megan Prangley | March 20, 2017
  Spring is officially here! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and there are plenty of opportunities for you marketing lovers this week in Grand Rapids. Now that the cold is fading away you have no excuse not to venture out and give away some of your business cards. Continue reading our Grand Rapids Marketing Planner for an overview of the career-building and networking events nearby you this week.

Inbound Marketing

4 Reasons to Put Your Trust in a Michigan Marketing Agency

By Lauren Wantroba | March 17, 2017
As inbound marketing becomes more and more popular amongst businesses, it is important to make sure you're executing your strategies effectively to ensure the best results for success! Some Marketing Directors and business owners struggle with choosing whether or not they should take marketing on themselves or if they should hire an inbound marketing agency. It can be quite a tough decision putting your company's success into the hands of someone else. Below I am going to help make that decision a little easier and help you realize why you should put your trust in an agency.

Website Design

3 ways poor website user experience is slashing your profits

By Megan Prangley | March 15, 2017
Many obstacles in life exist solely to infuriate humankind; picture tangled Christmas lights, traffic jams, and especially slow loading websites. Did you know, slow loading sites cost retailers $2.6 billion in lost sales each year? No wonder CEO's and marketers are focused on providing a positive user experience for people on their websites, and you should be too -- if increasing site traffic is anywhere on your to-do list. Continue reading for the common ways bad user experience is costing your business money.


Grand Rapids Marketing Planner 3/13 - 3/17

By Megan Prangley | March 13, 2017
Happy Monday everyone, and while many people don't agree that those two words go together, here at ManoByte we have a fun new Monday tradition that makes Mondays better: The Grand Rapids Marketing Planner. Every week we round up the must-do activities for marketers, business owners, etc. in the Grand Rapids area. Keep reading to see the great networking and skill-building events going on this week in your neck of the woods, who know you might even run into some of our awesome team there. 


5 Tips to Help Track Your Marketing Efforts in HubSpot

By Allison Spooner | March 10, 2017
Who opened my email? How many people clicked the link? How many people read my blog last week? These are the questions that might drive you crazy when we publish a new blog, or an email announcement goes out. But, if you want a more comprehensive look at your marketing efforts and how successful they are, these questions are just the tip of the iceberg.


ManoByte Celebrates our Fearless Females

By Amy Post | March 8, 2017
You may have noticed that today is International Women's Day, which is a celebration of women across the globe and a movement to reach out to help forge a better working environment in a more inclusive, gender-equal world. International Women's Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievement of women. You might also notice the hashtag #beboldforchange trending on Twitter today, which is also dedicated to raising awareness of this topic.

Marketing Tips

The Grand Rapids Marketing Planner March 6th-10th, 2017

By Amy Post | March 6, 2017
Whoaaa, is it Spring already? Sure feels like it around here in West Michigan. Today's a little gloomy, but it's supposed to be a pretty beautiful week around here, so that means it's time to head out to some great Grand Rapids marketing and networking events happening around town! Here's a few to bookmark for this week: