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Lead Nurturing

6 Tips to Help Build HubSpot Workflows

By Amy Post | September 21, 2017
Email workflows. They are a powerful little marketing tool that seems to be growing in their fierceness every day. You know they work, too, because when you open your inbox and you see those customized emails about products you love with information that's seemingly catered right to you, it proves it. But how can you create these perfectly personalized processes so they function well for your lead database? The answer lies in HubSpot and the workflow tool.

Social Media

5 Social Media Tips to Attract the Attention of Medical Professionals

By Amy Post | September 14, 2017
 Social media is the #1 activity of all online users - making it the most desired location for access to information, resources, news, and recommendations. And while many thought word-of-mouth chatter between medical professionals would be the mainstay in this highly regulated space for years to come, the game has shifted, with more and more physicians also turning to social media to gain access to the medical products and information they need. But much like a lot of things in inbound marketing today, space is getting crowded, making it more challenging to get your posts to the top of the news feeds.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

How to Leverage HubSpot & Inbound for Medical and Healthcare

By Amy Post | September 6, 2017
Oh the medical industry, how crazy and downright confusing it can be, right?! It's no secret that medical marketing professionals who are trying to cut through all the medical noise face some significant challenges like increased competition, regulations, and massively busy appointment and practice schedules. But, there just has to be a way to squeeze in there to showcase your products and services that you know can help to streamline processes, improve medical efficiencies, and provide better patient care. If only they would just take a minute to hear what you have to say!

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Marketing Planner September 4th-8th, 2017

By Amy Post | September 1, 2017
Happy (early) Labor Day, Grand Rapids marketing and networking friends! Although most of us will be basking in those last few moments of the summer season on Monday, there's still a lot of opportunity next week to get out there and network with others at some awesome events during the 4-day work week!

Sales Enablement

How to Navigate Sales Meetings With Medical Professionals

By Amy Post | August 30, 2017
Congratulations! You’ve landed that one-on-one meeting with the decision-maker or lead physician at that medical clinic or hospital you’ve been waiting months and months to book. It’s a massive opportunity that you don’t want to lose, so you’ve got to make sure you nail it and win the business.

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Marketing Planner: August 21-25th, 2017

By Amy Post | August 18, 2017
Hello once again, Grand Rapids marketing friends! As you make plans for networking and marketing next week, make sure to take note of these great opportunities happening in West Michigan:

Buyer's Journey

Why Being In The Right Place At The Right Time Still Matters In Marketing & Sales

By Amy Post | August 17, 2017
  You remember the phrase, “I was just in the right place at the right time.” But you probably don’t hear it as much anymore, because we are all kinda at the right place at the right time thanks to the tiny computers we carry around in our pockets and purses. But while the phrase remains old, the theory itself lives on in new, exciting ways. From the days of a perfect cold call visit when you walk inside just as the CEO is walking through the lobby, now means an email showing up right when that CEO is looking at your proposal for the first time in a few weeks.

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Marketing Planner August 14th - 18th, 2017

By Amy Post | August 10, 2017
We've got all the Friday feels over here at the Grand Rapids Marketing Planner this week! We're changing things up a bit to better service our blog subscribers by publishing the planner on Friday instead of Monday's so when the weekly update email comes to the ol' inbox on Friday's, it has the following week's lineup inside. Better for planning!