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Meet the Sharks: Julius Rogers, Business Growth Representative

By Amy Post | July 20, 2018
We are nearing the end of our Meet the Sharks Series, and today we are pleased to introduce you to one of our newest Sharks, Julius Rogers! Julius serves as our Business Growth Representative, building relationships with companies both here in West Michigan as well as across the country who might be good partners for the ManoByte services.


Meet the Sharks: Ashley Haan, Operations Manager

By Amy Post | July 10, 2018
  Today our "Meet the Sharks" blog series continues with the one who keeps us all together, our Operations Director, Ashley Haan!  


Meet the Sharks: Camille Knouff

By Amy Post | June 15, 2018
Our "Meet the Sharks" blog series continues today as we showcase more of the creative genius we have here at ManoByte! Please enjoy as you learn more about our video graphics extraordinaire, Camille Knouff.


Meet the Sharks: Cindy Paradiso, Business Growth Consultant

By Amy Post | June 1, 2018
Today we continue our "Meet the Sharks" special blog series with one of our Business Growth Consultants, Cindy Paradiso. Cindy works each day to drive results for our clients so they can experience new leads, enhance their sales processes, and deliver great customer experiences.


Meet the Sharks: Serena Bonarski

By Amy Post | May 18, 2018
It's that time again! Time to learn a bit more about some of the amazing people who work tirelessly here at ManoByte to grow our clients' businesses with our Meet the Sharks series. Today we learn more about one of our Content Strategists, Serena Bonarski. 


Meet The Sharks: Anna Noa, Video Director

By Amy Post | April 30, 2018
Our Meet the Sharks series gives you an inside look at the inbound marketing team here at ManoByte. This week, we're excited to introduce you to our wonderful Video Director, Anna Noa. 


Meet the Sharks: Amy Post

By Amy Post | April 18, 2018
Ready to learn more about our fantastic team of inbound experts? We continue our special Meet the Sharks blog series this week with our VP of Marketing & Sales, Amy Post


Meet The Sharks: Erin Bebee, Lead Developer

By Amy Post | April 10, 2018
Thank you for joining us for our series of interviews, "Meet the Sharks" here on the ManoByte blog. With this series, we're highlighting the great people who work to make inbound marketing magic happen each day. This week, we'd like to give you the chance to learn more about our Lead Developer, Erin Bebee.