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Partnering with a Growth Agency

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Emily Buchan

Leading businesses of today know how important the digital landscape is to their business. And for those who are not adapting their business and processes to be more accessible online, they are likely doomed to a fate of lagging sales, disengaged/frustrated customers, and revenue shortages. The fact of the matter is, if you don’t adjust your company and its processes to meet your customers where they want to engage with you, you are missing out on a massive amount of opportunities to grow and scale your business.

The new flywheel

Is Your Business a Good Fit For ManoByte?

We hear all the time that resources are limited, and dedicating a team to improving (or worse yet, starting to implement) better marketing/sales/customer experience processes just isn’t possible. In most cases, that’s the challenge that business owners are facing when they reach out to us here at ManoByte. Here, our entire team works to grow other businesses. We do this through the implementation of digital marketing, sales, and customer experience processes for organizations on their behalf. Our team of developers, designers, specialists, and growth strategists work together to accomplish the revenue goals for businesses through online strategies in marketing, sales, and customer support processes.

Keep in mind, we do all or maybe just some of these processes for our clients depending on their unique needs. For example, often times quality solutions may be in place already for customer support at a business, so in that event, we then focus solely on improving the marketing and sales processes.

Discovery & Strategy Process

From the start, we spend time with our clients learning the in’s and out’s of their businesses. We are experienced in learning and understanding businesses of many types so we can help our clients connect with new prospects that fit the buyer persona of that unique business. Becoming a growth agency for your business means we need to know who you do business with, how leads go through the sales process, and what the customer experience is after that sale. Once we learn and understand the process, we can identify realistic goals so we can start implementing solutions to achieve them.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the process of attracting online visitors to your website so you can convert them into leads and start the sales process. It’s a highly comprehensive system that puts your content in front of the right people who are searching for a pain point online, so they are likely to convert into a lead on your website after reading the content you have that helps them solve the issue. The inbound marketing process usually begins with a redesign or refresh of your website so it is optimized and designed for lead generation and conversion. 


Sales Enablement

Leads are wonderful, but if those leads don’t turn into paying customers, what’s the point of investing in the partnership with a Growth Agency? At ManoByte, sales processes are a key component of our services. We analyze your current sales process, then craft solutions to areas where your process isn’t working as effectively as it should and results in lost opportunities or sales. From email campaigns and sales email follow-up processes, to CRM implementation, to proposal execution and much more, our team creates and implements strategies that enable your sales teams with the tools and resources necessary to close more business, faster.

Customer Experience

In the world of online reviews and Facebook recommendations, your customers are only growing more and more powerful in your online growth strategies. Reason being, people trust other satisfied (or dissatisfied) customers more than they trust your best inbound marketing campaign. Word of mouth is louder and stronger than ever with all information they need about you or your product available online. Why not take your customer experience and make it a core element of what you do to market your business effectively? With a ManoByte partnership, we streamline your customer experience processes to ensure your customers are happy, supported, and empowered by the products or service you provide so much so that they are willing to recommend you right away when the opportunity presents itself.

For more on customer service and how important it is to growth goals, read our blog post.


The ROI of ManoByte

When you partner with us for one or more of the above services on an ongoing basis, you are assigned a dedicated Business Growth Consultant (BGC), who oversees all your growth initiatives. Your BGC manages our team and the process of creating the content and elements needed to accomplish your goals. The process is all visible through our project management system, so every task, campaign, and activity that happens is visible to the client at any time. It’s also where clients have instant communication with their dedicated growth team.

We do understand this type of partnership with ManoByte has to make sense financially for your business. Typically, our services run similar to what it would cost in salary-only expenses for business owners to employ one additional employee at their business. The difference is, a ManoByte partnership provides access to an entire team of growth specialists who specialize in their unique role. Collectively, this allows us to work together to accomplish the growth and revenue goals we’ve identified more quickly. Every effort we make is with your growth in mind. We understand that if you don’t succeed in hitting your goals, we are not succeeding, either, so joint accountability is something we are continuously monitoring.

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