HubSpot IMPACT Awards Submission: The HEPACART Inbound Growth Story

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Chelsea Carter

HEPACART is a manufacturing company that specializes in infection control and dust containment equipment. They provide durable, portable, and affordable solutions with maximum efficiency for their customers.

The Challenge

Although a HubSpot user since 2013, the team at HEPACART struggled to generate the amount of leads they desired because of the website wasn't optimized for inbound marketing. The outdated site also caused significant issues for the entire organization because the site visitors were not able to access the information they desired, pushing them toward other vendors or onto the phone with busy HEPACART representatives to get their basic questions answered.

The Solution

The HEPACART team joined forces with ManoByte in 2014. We began by conducting a complete redesign of their website before launching quarterly inbound campaigns to generate a steady stream of leads for their sales representatives. Everything started with persona development to ensure everyone had a clear picture of who the HEPACART customer is. Now, we work closely with the HEPACART team each quarter by selecting one persona to focus on, targeting and tailoring the content we create to address that persona's specific needs at each stage of the buyer's journey. We also promote the offer on the relevant social media channels and manufacturing groups where we know their personas spend their time. We also pay special attention to the handful of keywords that will drive the most traffic to the site and create or repurpose content based on those keywords. Everything we do for HEPACART keeps HubSpot tools at the core with the goal to drive measurable results. 

Website Redesign 

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 2.11.28 PM 


Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 2.11.11 PM

The Results

  • 2013: (Before ManoByte): Visits: 14,134 Leads: 15 Customers: 24
  • 2014: (ManoByte Website Redesign): Visits: 18,054 Leads: 40 Customers: 21
  • 2015: (Ongoing Retainer Begins): Visits: 20,397 Leads: 341 Customers: 107
  • 2016: (Ongoing Retainer) Visits: 33,024 Leads: 655 Customers: 191


HubSpot Traffic, Contacts, and Customer Data Reports


Hepacart all time traffic

3 years traffic- hepacart.pngTHE IMPACT

"I continue to work with ManoByte because they produce positive lead generation results that impact the growth of my business year-over-year. The team is also responsive and fun to work with." -Mark Farnsworth, Marketing Director, HEPACART.