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October 12, 2021 | 2 Min Read

Kevin Dean Speaking to BPMs at The December 2021 Whizard Summit

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Danielle Fauteaux

The Whizard Summit has been hosted by Building Materials Marketing & Sales Consultant Mark Mitchel bi-annually for as long as we can remember. This December, join in for a celebratory and final Whizard Summit by hearing from top consultants in the building materials industry.

When: December 13 & 14, 2021

Where: Boulder, CO

Kevin will be discussing how to use digital tools to help your customer's customers be more successful. Leaders at building products manufacturing companies, and especially their channel marketing and channel sales teams, will gain insights on:

  • Selling Through Your Customers Instead of To Your Customers to Grow Faster
  • Multiplying Your Sales Team by Getting Distributors and Dealers to Sell For You
  • Increasing Customer Loyalty and Retention

Register to hear from Kevin and additional marketing and sales experts including:

  • Mark Allen Roberts, Founder & CEO of OTB Sales Solutions
  • Grant Farnsworth, President of The Farnsworth Group
  • Tim Seims, Director of Building Products Intelligence at John Burns Real Estate Consulting
  • Susan Milne, Principal of Epiphany Studios
  • Beth PopNikolov and Zach Williams of Venveo
  • Matt Lee, Founder of Lead Generation Experts
  • Brian Baker, Founder of Dodecahedron Digital

Gain insights and actionable strategies on:

  • How Building Materials Companies Are Becoming Less Relevant
  • The New Ways of Selling
  • Sales Talking Points for Targeting Architects, Builders, GCs, Subcontractors, Dealers, Distributors, Big Boxes, and Owners
  • How Your Brand Image Can Hurt Your Sales
  • How to Better Support Your Customers/Partners Who Sell Online
  • Insights from the Latest Building Product Buying Guide Research Report
  • Why Digital Marketing in 2022 is Very Different than in 2020
  • How to Multiply Your Sales Teams by Getting Distributors, and Dealers to Sell for You
  • How to Improve Your Content and SEO Ranking
  • How Social Media is Changing for Building Materials

Event: How to Succeed in the Next 24 Months

Topics: For C-Level Executives

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