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Applying the Principles of GAF's Digital Transformation to Your Indirect Sales Strategy

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Will Smith

Brian Baker, former Senior Manager and Digital Product Owner for GAF for 9 years and an employee for 14 years, shares his behind the scenes experiences in helping GAF overcome a decade's worth of iterative digital transformation challenges while also looking ahead to the future of building materials digital marketing.



  • 3:00 - Meet Brian Baker
  • 7:08 - Primary Challenges to Help GAF Overcome During Digital Transformation
    • The Internet Allowed GAF to Reach Consumers Directly, Rather than Through the Channel and Roofing Contractors Especially
  • 11:43 - Challenge: Overcoming the Challenge of Organizing, Classifying, and Modeling Immense Amounts of Product Data Across Different Mediums
  • 16:00 - Challenge: Business Intelligence Replacing Golf Conversations
  • 18:07 - Challenge: How to Cope with Organizational & Channel Transformation Required During Digital Transformation Process
  • 20:33 - Challenge: Getting into eCommerce when Building Materials is Not Sold with Price Transparency Models
  • 22:34 - How to Decide What to Do Next
  • 27:22 - Brand Transformation & Company Culture Transformation
  • 35:53 - How Building Materials Manufacturers Can Better Utilize Social Media
  • 42:28 - Focus and Avoiding the "Shiny Object Syndrome"
  • 46:07 - 4:41 The Value of a Contractor Directory to Your Partner Contractors
  • 5:09 - Creating a Community with Your Channel Partners, like Contractors
  • 6:49 - Achieving Clarity of Purpose for Users on Building Materials Websites
  • 11:43 - The History of Dodecahedron
  • 13:57 - Looking Ahead for Digital Strategies in Building Materials Marketing and Sales
  • 15:25 - The Best Advice Brian Has Ever Received

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