How To Know What Kind of Change is Required in Building Materials Offerings

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Will Smith

Grant Farnsworth, President of The Farnsworth Group, gives us his highly informed perspective on the the top three things Building Products Manufacturers need to be prioritizing about their Products, Brand, and Distribution Channels based on the custom market research he and his team has performed for leaders in the industry.



  • 1:54 - Meet Grant Farnsworth
  • 4:17 - About The Farnsworth Group's Custom Market Research for Building Products & Home Improvement
  • 10:15 - The Influential Role of Digital During the Entire Research Journey and Path to Purchase
  • 13:35 - Current Primary Causes for Product Shift, Brand Shift, and Channel Shift in Building Products Purchases
  • 17:03 - How Much "Gut Feeling" Should be Considered in Building Products Decision Making
  • 20:21 - How to Inform Product Development and Concept Development
  • 23:37 - What It Means for A Building Products Manufacturer to Be Innovative
  • 28:10 - How to Keep up with New Entrants from the Tech World into the Building Materials Market
  • 30:57 - The Role of Changing Consumer Purchase Paths in Market Control
  • 33:04 - The Top 3 Things Building Materials Manufacturers Need to Prioritize
  • 36:22 - The Importance of Breaking Down Your Manufacturer Website to Tailor the User Experience
  • 39:28 - A Recent Success Story for The Farnsworth Group
  • 41:03 - The Best Advice Grant Has Ever Received - Focus


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