The Future of American Living Spaces & How Manufacturers Should Respond

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Will Smith

In this panel interview of three building products trends experts from John Burns Real Estate Consulting, you'll hear more on the consumer trends and investor trends that are impacting the construction industry now and into the future.



  • 2:47 - Meet Deana Vidal and Mikaela Arroyo
  • 4:50 - The Importance of Talking to People Outside of the Industry
  • 7:43 - Current Trends in Architecture and Design: The Rise of "Sink Mania" & Changing Exterior Elevation Design
  • 13:48 - Considerations for Manufacturers Given the Acceleration of Home Improvement and Flex Spaces
  • 21:32 - Meet Tim Seims
  • 24:36 - Trade Offs in Home Trends to Improve Working From Home
  • 29:50 - The Impact of Sister Cities on Building Materials Distribution
  • 33:08 - Designing for The Rise of Build To Rent & Connected Homes
  • 39:24 - Considerations for Adoption of Connected Homes and Connected Communities
  • 45:08 - The Difference Between True Innovation and Step Changes in Building Materials
  • 49:50 - Why to Feed Your Content With the Voice of the Customer
  • 52:02 - The State of Building Products Websites
  • 57:00 - Best Pieces of Advice That the Panel Has Ever Received

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