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August 14, 2020 | 5 Min Read

7 Tips to Gain the Edge Over Distribution Competitors

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Cat Cook
7 Tips to Gain the Edge Over Distribution Competitors

When it comes to distribution marketing, what sets you apart? How you approach your customers, sales, and delivery could give you the edge. You need to be memorable and wow customers so they naturally look to purchase through you. Here are 7 things you can do to gain that edge on the competition.

1. Know Your Customers

Don’t assume you know what kind of customer is going to buy from you, do the work and determine who your top customers really are. Give them names and details to create a buyer persona. Get to know who the decision makers and researchers are that are purchasing your products wholesale for their company or organization. Make as many personas as you have clearly different buyer types that vary in their roles, titles, interests, and pain points. Always created content and business decisions with them in mind.

2. Use Data and Analytics

Don’t shy away from the math. Hard numbers might not be fun, but they are very important to acting quickly with accuracy. Collect critical data to help you see how you are doing and where you are failing or succeeding. Know your cash flow, open invoices, sales margins, and revenue by staying up-to-date on the numbers. Allow those numbers to drive your decisions with informed accuracy.

3. Automate with Technology

Embrace digital transformation and use technologies that make your job easier. Automate the data entry process so that you are more prepared to answer important customer questions. Send out automated alerts to keep the buyer in the loop with updates at every step of the process, helping them know exactly where their orders are and when they are expected from the manufacturer.

4. Focus on Competitive Distribution Service

Companies that kept their customers informed and supported during COVID-19 disruptions offered a valuable service that had nothing to do with their products. Your customers have key interests. Get to know what matters to them and focus on providing services that they find important. Communication, speed of support, professionalism, and personalized marketing may be some of the ways your service will stand out from the competition. Having the data on hand will also help, since you will be able to answer their questions quickly if they reach out with a question about a product, their account, or an order.

5. Supplement with Distribution Marketing Content

Blog posts, email newsletters, tutorial videos, product images – there are so many ways you can create content that supports your customers. When you supplement your customer service and knowledge with content they can consume, you offer them the value of your expertise. This content is going to be important for reaching new leads that are out there searching for the solutions you offer.

Let your content work like a magnet, drawing in new leads and retaining the old leads with value that supports the products they are getting through you. Most buyers and researchers are starting their queries online, so content is important for supporting that part of their journey towards a purchase.

6. Differentiate Your Brand

Using that marketing content, you can set your brand apart. If you are taking your own product shots, writing your own site copy, or writing articles, then you can create a brand look and voice. Stay consistent with every product so that your customer can count on how you will approach any given item. You can always rebrand and change your approach, but there needs to be consistency that brings cohesiveness to your content and product listings.

7. Think Ahead and Set Goals

Don’t just go one step at a time. Strategize.

The only way to get ahead of your competition is to have a plan for where you are heading. Look at your achievements and bottom line. How can your company improve? Look past the revenue to what your company does or doesn’t do well. Set goals to improve and then align your employee training, content marketing, and sales tactics to support those goals. Every goal should be S.M.A.R.T.:

  • Specific – Choose goals that are detailed and contain figures (not general aspirations)
  • Measurable – Pick goals that can succeed or fail based on a measurement
  • Achievable – Don’t just stab in the dark, look at your numbers and choose a goal that is challenging, but possible
  • Realistic – Again, pick goals that you can achieve and don’t ignore hurdles you will face
  • Time-based – Set a deadline for when you will analyze your efforts and reevaluate

Competitive distribution marketing can be a tough industry to crack. If you are doing well, don’t get complacent and stop pushing. The minute you let up, the competition will be able to edge its way in on your buyers. Keep working towards those goals to improve, thinking multiple steps ahead to stay ahead of other distributors.


Do you need to update your competitive distribution tactics? If you could use help automating your processes, analyzing your data, and creating dynamic content, we can help. At ManoByte, we offer distributor marketing solutions and will help you attract new buyers. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!

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