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Amy Post
by Amy Post
on March 17, 2017

As inbound marketing becomes more and more popular among businesses, it's important to make sure you're executing your strategies effectively to ensure success. Some Marketing Directors and business owners struggle with choosing whether or not they should take their marketing tasks on for themselves, or, if they should hire an agency to offset some of the workload. It can be quite a tough decision, because it often means putting your company's success into the hands of someone else. Below, I am going to help make that decision a little easier and help you realize why it often makes much more sense to partner with an inbound growth agency. 

First off, some of you may be reading this and starting to wonder what inbound marketing is. At a high level, inbound marketing is the digital marketing strategy used to help guide your prospects through the buyer’s journey from awareness, consideration, to decision-making. Everything about inbound marketing is designed to appeal to your target buyer persona’s questions and pain points, while ultimately, guiding them to make a buying decision with you over a competitor.


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Inbound marketing is used to educate your prospects in a non-traditional way, by providing content that will attract, convert, close and delight. What type of content you ask? Content such as pillar pages, resource guides, calculators, and videos all integrated into tools like your website and social media channels. Since the sales process has evolved from cold calls and spam emails, inbound marketing best practices are used to create effective online strategies to grow your business.

So, now that you know what inbound marketing is, let’s move on to why you should put your trust in an inbound marketing agency. 

Focus on What You Do Best

If you are not a marketing junkie, it might be difficult to fully manage an inbound marketing campaign while trying to focus on your core competencies. Quite often, we see businesses who try to do it all in-house, but aren’t as effective since inbound takes time to understand and master. Also, management is usually wearing many different hats trying to execute other aspects of the business, leaving marketing efforts unchecked on the to-do list. By hiring an inbound marketing agency, you are able to focus on your core competencies while outsourcing to an agency who will be an extension of your team.

By using an inbound team, you are ensuring you have specialists working on your behalf while focusing on what you do best. Instead of trying to run an inbound campaign, you get to delegate to an experienced team exactly what you’d like and can watch it happen, without putting in all the blood, sweat and tears.

Agencies Have All The Skills

Putting together and managing inbound strategy and process takes a great deal of of knowledge and different expertise. Some of the skills it takes to conduct inbound marketing are unfortunately, in most cases, skills that most companies do not have a plethora of. To strongly continue a campaign, you need a team that has the expertise in graphic design, copywriting, content creation, website development, video production, lead nurturing, search engine optimization, social media (paid and unpaid), and data analysis.

By finding a great agency with all of those skills under one roof, the sky is the limit to what campaigns and strategies  you can create! 

You’ll Know If It’s Working

Working with an agency will ensure accurate measurability and accountability. One great thing about inbound marketing is the ability to measure your results for ROI. While reporting and running analytics can be quite tricky, an inbound agency will be able to track how well your campaign is doing and expand on what the analytics mean. Some agencies use a marketing platform like HubSpot with numerous tools for reporting analytics. Agencies using marketing automation software, will provide practical suggestions for what needs to be improved on, as well as testing to secure results on a continuous basis.

Your Marketing Won’t Ever Turn Off

When hiring inbound experts, you have an entire team dedicated to just your business! Your project team will constantly be updating, blogging, and creating content to grow and market your digital presence. The best part about it? Your campaigns won’t ever be forgotten about or turned off when someone takes leave. Agencies are set up to make sure your marketing runs smoothly each day.

Whether hiring an agency is the best option for you or not, it is definitely smart to research inbound agencies to get an idea of how they can truly help your business meet its goals. If you are looking to explore what an inbound marketing agency relationship might look like for your business, contact us below, we'd love to chat about how we can take your business to the next level. 


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