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Distributor Marketing

Engage, Guide, & Grow Your Distribution Network

What is Through-Channel Marketing Automation?

Through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) is a platform designed to help businesses who sell primarily through a distribution network, such as manufacturing, software and technology, and financial services. TCMA gives these businesses the ability to scale marketing efforts, ensure a consistent message across all distributor markets, and see directly into distributor marketing.

Managing several different styles of marketing requires a little more than the average marketing automation platform can offer. Built specifically for the needs of indirect distribution networks, through-channel marketing automation simplifies marketing to, through, with, and for distribution partners and gives manufacturers more insight into their marketing performance.


Why You need Through-Channel Marketing Automation

Automation took marketing teams by storm by allowing marketers to scale personalized conversations with leads. But manufacturers relying on indirect distribution have struggled to adapt automation platforms and practices for their business model. Through-channel marketing automation addresses the unique challenges of distributor marketing and implements the ease and scalability of automation.

TCMA helps manufactures:

  • Improve the speed of campaign execution
  • Gain control of brand consistency
  • Maximize ROI of marketing assets
  • Build stronger partner 


Partner relationship management


To, Through, With, For

Transforming the Buyer / Seller Relationship


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Marketing To, Through, With & For Your Distributors

Selling indirectly through a network of distributors also means marketing indirectly to your contractors and end users, which means distributor engagement in marketing is vital. But getting distributors to engage with your program is a marketing feat in and of itself. When you’re selling through a network of distributors, there are four kinds of marketing you’re doing: to, through, with, and for your distributor partners.

To-Partner Marketing

This is marketing that includes things like training opportunities, customer testimonials and partner success stories, and rewards for distributor sales reps. These types of campaigns help you drive engagement and grow your brand with new partners.

Through-Partner Marketing

Through-partner campaigns help distributors market on behalf of the brand, but with the help of the brand. Through-partner campaigns should be personalized and highlight why buying from the distributor is beneficial, such as value-added services or certain customer service benefits.

With-Partner Marketing

With-partner marketing is a team effort. That is, content put out by the partner but equally representing the distributor and the brand. These assets are co-branded and include things like case studies with partner-added examples and insight from both the brand and the distributor.

For-Partner Marketing

These marketing tactics go beyond big national campaigns and include things like distributor locators or a distributor directory on your website to help end users find the partner closest or best-fit for their needs.

Zinfi: Customizable PRM & TCMA for Indirect Distribution Partners

Partner Relationship Management

Zinfi's PRM is customizable with 12 different modules to build a solution that allows you to fit your platform to your distribution network's needs. Help distribution partners with business planning, and manage your partners' contracts, leads, deals, marketing development funds, ongoing learning, and more.

Through-Channel Marketing Automation

Give distribution partners the power to generate their own demand for your products with Zinfi's simple but powerful TCMA platform. Zinfi supports 26 languages for global distribution partners and includes tools for outbound and inbound marketing like direct mail, event marketing, email, and content syndication.


Partner Portal Management

Zinfi's partner portal allows you to build open communication and collaboration channels for your distribution partners. Maximize partner engagement with modules for partner communication, co-brandable assets and product details, configure-price-quote capabilities, and partner experience surveys.

Zinfi Modules for Distributor Marketing Success

Partner Contract Management

Onboarding Management

Lead & Deal Management

Market Development Funds

Content Syndication

Campaign Library

Co-branded Landing Pages

Product Details Management

Partner Support Management


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