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Kevin Dean


Kevin is the CEO and President of ManoByte. He founded the company in 2007, and he’s been leading the charge to help each of our clients get results.

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Jillian Lambert


As the Vice President of Solutions, Jillian oversees our account management team, client relations, select strategic partnerships, and more - all ensuring everyone we work with has the appropriate solutions to achieve their business objectives.

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Jeanie Barrett

Director of Services

Jeanie is an expert in design, user experience, and ManoByte's solutions. Jeanie oversees our implementation teams - both marketing and design/development - to ensure all deliverables are completed on-time and of the utmost quality. She’s also a Champion User with HubSpot and has 33 unique certifications from the HubSpot Academy!

Jimmy Cantu

Director of Sales

Cindy Paradiso

Solutions Architect

Cindy manages projects with our clients and helps them develop and implement marketing strategies. She has 20 certifications from HubSpot, including marketing and sales software and contextual marketing.

Steve Chappell

Client Success Manager

Steve plans and implements digital marketing and growth strategies for clients using HubSpot and MindMatrix primarily. Steve manages the successful delivery of projects for clients by the ManoByte team. 

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ManoByte helps mid-market B2B companies get up to speed with digital technologies like CRMs, PRMs and MarTech Integrations to enable smoother and more scalable sales, marketing, and channel operations. 

Once a scalable digital foundation is laid, ManoByte is able to come alongside and support business growth with Through Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) and inbound marketing strategy to help your direct and indirect sales teams perform better.

We specialize in helping manufacturers and distributors within the following sectors:

  • Building / Construction Materials
  • Home Improvement / Finishing Products
  • Pool and Spa Construction & Maintenance Equipment
  • Metallurgy
  • Millwork