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How We Help Our Customers

Our goal is to help you reach your business goals
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We are a Dedicated Team of Professionals

The ManoByte Team is a collection of experienced and dedicated marketing professionals. We believe in problem solving and learning new things so we can create the best solutions for our clients.

When you work with us, we become an extension of your team.




Clients We Have Helped

A handful of the companies we've helped to transform and grow













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Our Awards and Accomplishments

Any work we do that helps a client grow is a win for us, but these are some of our biggest wins

HubSpot Diamond Partner

We're proud to be a part of a premier group of marketing agencies.

2018 Impact Award

HubSpot recognized ManoByte for delivering exceptional sales enablement services to our clients.

UpCity Top Agency

UpCity recognized ManoByte as a top agency in 2017 for delivering quality marketing services.

Michigan 50 to Watch

In 2017, we were named one of "Michigan's 50 Companies to Watch" for our commitment to the local economy.

Meet The Experts

We're certified experts in digital marketing strategy. Our team has over 100 marketing and sales certifications from HubSpot.

Kevin Dean

CEO | President

Kevin is the CEO and President of ManoByte. He founded the company in 2007, and he’s been leading the charge to help each of our clients get results ever since.

Jillian Lambert

Director of Agency Services

As our Director of Agency Services, Jillian oversees all the projects and work we do with our clients. She makes sure each of our clients gets the right person on our team for their job and keeps everything moving forward.

Cindy Paradiso

Business Growth Consultant

Cindy manages projects with our clients and helps them develop and implement marketing strategies. She has 15 certifications from HubSpot, including marketing and sales software and contextual marketing.

Lara Sissell

Business Growth Consultant

Lara is a project manager who helps clients develop and implement their marketing strategies. She’s organized and attentive to detail to ensure the right message is said in the right way and an expert investigator and problem-solver.

Jeanie Barrett

Creative Director

Jeanie is an expert in design and user experience. She creates the concepts for our clients’ websites and oversees development. She’s also a Champion User with HubSpot and has 21 unique certifications from the HubSpot Academy.


Lead Developer

Erin turns site design concepts into reality. She’s a master of the HubSpot content management system (CMS), custom templates, application and calculator development. If there’s a way to build it for a client, Erin is the one to work it out.

Jordan Hunt

Director of Video Services

Jordan’s extensive experience in film and video production prepares her to tell your company’s story in a new and exciting way. She’s skilled in pre-production strategizing, camera operation and direction, and digital editing.

Camille Knouff

Videographer & Graphic Designer

Camille is an expert in both graphic design and animation. She creates beautiful custom graphics, logos, PDFs, and animated video for clients. She’s well-versed in Adobe products, including InDesign and AfterEffects.

Gabriella Fantozzi

Digital Marketing Specialist

Gabriella assists our business growth consultants with strategy development and implementation. She’s also our resident expert in search engine optimization (SEO), proficient in HubSpot Workflows, and experienced in HubSpot account setup and integration.

Justin Dowty


Justin is a skilled developer in HubSpot and Sharepoint. In addition to assisting in website development, Justin is experienced in development for applications, integrations, and calculators.

Emily Neier

Content Specialist

Emily helps clients develop a content strategy and create written content for websites, blogs, email, and eBooks. She has 12 certifications from the HubSpot Academy, including email marketing, social media, and inbound marketing.

Cat Cook

Content Specialist

Cat is a writer and strategist, and she helps plan and develop written content for our clients. She writes copy for websites, blogs, and eBooks as well as video scripts, and she’s proficient in HubSpot Workflows and lead nurture campaigns.

Sylvia Welch

Channel Strategist

Sylvia assists our business growth consultants with development and implementation of strategy for our clients who sell indirectly through a network of partners. She has 16 HubSpot Academy certifications, including sales enablement and frictionless sales.

Zachary Graft

Director of Finance

Zach is our money man and number-crunching expert. He works on anything that touches a dollar sign and handles all the money going in and out.

Autumn Ackels

Digital Marketing Specialist

As our inbound marketing specialist, Autumn assists our business growth consultants in developing strategies with inbound best practices. She's also one of our HubSpot onboarding specialists and helps set clients up for success with the HubSpot platform.


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