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4 Examples of Building Product Manufacturers That Are Using Dealer Locators Effectively

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When a prospective customer ends up on your website, you have one of two choices.

  1. Provide them with the information they need about a product, and let them disappear to buy in their own time, from a location of their choice.
  2. Provide them with the information they need about a product, and then connect them with key partnered dealers for a convenient, easy purchase.

Which sounds more beneficial to you?

Retaining customer interest is about speed and efficiency, and manufacturers have been trying for years to improve their indirect sales and conversion rates, but it can be especially difficult when you sell through a channel. One way to overcome indirect sales friction is through deploying Locator pages.

Dealer Locator pages (otherwise known as Where to Buy pages, Showroom Finders, or Contractor Locators) put sales power back into the hands of the manufacturer, helping them gain thriving competitiveness as well as improve their dealer relationships. 

Instead of browsers and website scrollers, Dealer Locator pages are designed to increase your conversion rates and encourage that final purchase - from you, not a competitor.

However, as with any software, there is a wide range of options out there

For your page to succeed, you need dealer locators to provide:

  • Customer Insights
  • High-Quality Customer Experience
  • Lead Generation Through SEO
  • High Conversion Rates
  • Personalization and Customization

Let’s take a look at some thriving manufacturers who have already benefited from well-programmed, high-user-focused Dealer Locator Pages.

Example 1: GAF’s Contractor Locator

GAF Contractor Locator ScreenGrab


Every great Dealer Locator page should be customizable. 

GAF, a leading roofing manufacturer, has really hit the nail on the head with theirs. Not only are there plenty of options for users to filter down (including warranties and specialty qualifications), but the internal-search bar allows users to browse in their area, or a client’s.

That’s not all. 

GAF’s Dealer Locator page allows you to directly reach out to dealers, compare ratings, measure distances, and is also incredibly easy to navigate. Extensive dealer profiles only add to the customer experience, allowing for background research and a personalized customer buying journey (which 80% of online consumers prefer).

If that isn’t already enough - there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes as well. This Dealer Locator page is perfect for their customers, but also for them.


Reason 1. Lead Capture Ability

GAF’s Dealer Locator collects data and allows the manufacturer to track leads and final purchases. As you’ll know, key customer insight helps inform business decisions, influencing their marketing and targeting efforts. Similarly, tracking consumer behavior means they are able to prove they’ve sent ‘x’ amount of leads to specific dealers - which can help their sale negotiations while also encouraging the dealer to recommend GAF over their competitors. 

Reason 2. Local SEO Landing Pages 

If you follow through the Dealer Locator page in your area, (e.g Atlanta, GA) you can find SEO-optimized web pages that encourage organic leads and traffic to their website. Who doesn’t love free marketing?


Reason 3. Memorable Experiences

Happy customers mean a happy manufacturer! The extra features available for customers that use GAF’s Dealer Locator page result in a higher level of customer satisfaction, and a lot of brand-positivity buzz.


Example 2: Techo-Bloc’s Landscape Locator

Another manufacturer who has a wonderful Where To Buy page is Techo-Bloc’s landscape locator. 

Not only is the design flawless, complimenting their strong branding, but the tool is also very easy-to-use, and has a lot of similar features to GAF’s (such as lead capturing).

Brilliant data management capabilities allow local landscapers to create their own profile, customizing their copy, business hours, phone numbers, services, and even social media links. Integration with Google Maps means customers can easily see how close different options are to them as well as browse through a picture portfolio provided by the local businesses. 


Example 3: Sashco's Log Home Finishing Contractor

Sascho (a log home finishing manufacturer) is bringing something refreshing to the dealer locator market, with a simple step-by-step guide introducing their contract locator. 

Instead of bringing customers to landing pages containing hundreds of overwhelming options, each contractor displays as an individual pop-up - allowing customers to progress in their own time, browsing through descriptions and project galleries. Every portfolio is accompanied by a breakdown of Sascho products used, colors selected, and insight into why certain choices were made. 

Leads are then asked to choose their top 5 favorite dealers in their area, who will then reach out with availability. Choice is a huge part of encouraging your customer to buy, and Sascho knows exactly what they are doing with their cleverly designed walk-through of a customer purchasing decision, delivering their website browsers from point A to point B with clever, amusing copy and the promise of a whimsical adventure. 

Example 4: LGHVAC's Contractor Locator

If you’re a manufacturer who places high importance on lead generation, management, and salesforce integration - then LG HVAC’s fluid Contractor Locator might just blow you away. Their smart AI allows them to be selective about which contractors are actively sent leads (differentiated by ‘request contact’ and phone number provision), which are then processed on a joint CRM.

The innovative software generates contact forms between the two parties and enables LG HVAC to ensure that potential customers can access appropriate contractors equipped to handle their needs, measuring stock, quality and availability. 

Almost sounds too good to be true, right?

What Makes An Effective Dealer Locator Page?

There is a wide range of features that make a great dealer locator page, but really you want to be looking for a few specific ones that are all available from the same platform/software program - narrowing down your options considerably.

If the benefits we’ve listed in this article sound great to you, you want to be looking for a platform that is specifically designed with manufacturers in mind, and offers:

  1. Internal Search Bars and Geolocation Data
  2. Customizable Platforms for Branding and Personalization
  3. Cross-Platform Data Management Capabilities and Integration
  4. Reporting and Analytics for an Improved Customer Experience 

After all, optimized Dealer Locator pages are a marketer’s dream come true.



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Joshua Rich, is the founder of Bullseye Location, a Dealer & Store Locator Software for Building Material Manufacturers.

Bullseye lets you create lead forms to collect data whilst also adding value to your customer’s purchasing journey every step of the way.



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