Portal Development

Give employees, partners, or customers access to the resources they need in a secure online environment.

What is a Portal?

Online portals are how we connect with a lot of our online content. Any website you have an account for, be it email, social media, business applications, or online retail sites, gives you access to a portal for that service. Portals are different from regular website pages, as they require login credentials to access. The login credentials protect secure information, whether that’s your own personal data, proprietary data for the companies you work for or with, or customer and client data. Portals can also give you access to tools, like instant messaging, placing or tracking orders, scheduling for meetings, deliveries, and more, or project management capabilities like task lists.

Why Your Business Needs a Portal

Portals give your employees, partners, or customers access to vital functionality for your business to run. Whether it’s connecting with your support team, placing bulk orders for products, taking training courses, or accessing co-branding marketing materials, portals help every person connected to your business securely get the information and tools they need.

More sophisticated portals can even help connect the different aspects of your business and insight collaboration. For example, a directory can help one of your customers find a certified support partner in their area and connect them through instant messaging in the portal, or portal forums give partners and employees a place to ask questions and collaborate on solutions and new strategies.


Getting Started With Portals

There are a few different kinds of portals, and choosing the right one for your organization is important to getting the most out of a portal strategy. Portals need to give the right people the right tools to do their work. There’s two categories of portals:

  • Internal: Used within the company where only employees have access
  • External: Access to the portal is given to entities outside the company, like distribution partners or customers
Internal Portals
Partner Portals
Customer Portals

Portal examples


Need Help With Your Portal Development?

Portals can help your business manage relationships with employees, customers, and distribution partners. Schedule some time with one of our strategists to talk about how a portal can help your business grow.

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