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2019 Summer Internship Recap

By Rachael Mooney | July 11, 2019
    Hello all! Rachael, here. For the past two months, I have been working for ManoByte as the Digital Marketing Intern. Sadly, today is my last day here at ManoByte. In the wise words of William Shakespeare, “Parting is such sweet sorrow”.


Meet the Sharks: Emily Neier, Content Specialist

By Amy Post | September 28, 2018
  Today, we continue our Meet the Sharks series with our newest shark in the tank, our ManoByte Content Specialist, Emily Neier.


Recapping our First Internship Program in the Shark Tank!

By Amy Post | August 22, 2018
For those of you who don’t know, over the past 10 years, ManoByte has grown from a solo entrepreneurial venture to a thriving business equipped with a team of 15 marketing professionals. We’ve moved locations several times to offset the growth of our team, and in recent years, we’ve even launched an in-house video studio to better service our clients. Despite all those additions, last spring we noticed something was missing from our growth journey… a ManoByte internship program!


Speakers Announced for the Michigan Marketing and Technology Conference!

By Amy Post | July 17, 2018
This October is the launch of the 1st Annual Michigan Marketing and Technology Conference at the CityFlatsHotel in beautiful downtown Grand Rapids. It’s a full day of keynote speakers and breakout sessions led by many of today’s leaders in the marketing and technology space. ManoByte is excited to be the Diamond sponsor of this exciting new event. Recently, the speaker lineup has grown quite considerably, so we thought we’d take a moment to highlight who you can expect to hear from.


Meet the Sharks: Camille Knouff

By Amy Post | June 15, 2018
Our "Meet the Sharks" blog series continues today as we showcase more of the creative genius we have here at ManoByte! Please enjoy as you learn more about our video graphics extraordinaire, Camille Knouff.


Meet the Sharks: Cindy Paradiso, Business Growth Consultant

By Amy Post | June 1, 2018
Today we continue our "Meet the Sharks" special blog series with one of our Business Growth Consultants, Cindy Paradiso. Cindy works each day to drive results for our clients so they can experience new leads, enhance their sales processes, and deliver great customer experiences.


Meet The Sharks: Erin Bebee, Lead Developer

By Amy Post | April 10, 2018
Thank you for joining us for our series of interviews, "Meet the Sharks" here on the ManoByte blog. With this series, we're highlighting the great people who work to make inbound marketing magic happen each day. This week, we'd like to give you the chance to learn more about our Lead Developer, Erin Bebee. 


Meet the Sharks: Jeanie, ManoByte's Creative Director

By Amy Post | March 16, 2018
We are excited to continue our series of interviews, "Meet the Sharks" here on the ManoByte blog. With this series, we'll highlight the amazing people who work to make inbound magic happen for our clients each day. This week, we'd like you to learn more about our Creative Director, Jeanie.