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Sales Enablement

5 Tips for Enhancing Sales Productivity

By Amy Post | October 23, 2018
  As a salesperson, you’ve probably heard it a million times, “time is money,” and “never put off to tomorrow what could be done today,” as well as a list of other sometimes annoying (but true) inspirational sales quotes. But as they also say, talk is cheap, and you need to figure out exactly what you need to do to close some deals before the end of the quarter. First things first, whatever you do, it likely will start by amping up your productivity. But, as we all know, patterns are hard to break, and you’re just not sure what exactly you need to do differently to experience real results.

Sales Enablement

The Four Best Tools for Prospect Research

By Julius Rogers | August 21, 2018
 When it comes to sales, prospecting can sometimes be the most time-consuming task. You have to take time away from the job of selling to find more people to sell to in the future. It can sometimes feel like going around and around in a circle. However, with HubSpot and the inbound marketing methodology, you have the upper hand when it comes to managing your prospects once you've identified them. But, what are some of the first things you should do once you've added them as a contact in the CRM? Call them? Email them? Both?

Sales Enablement

Tips for Enhancing Plain Text Subject Lines for Higher Open Rates

By Amy Post | July 26, 2018
Talk to any decision-maker at a B2B business right now, and they’d tell you they probably notice an influx of plain text sales emails delivered to their inboxes lately. Some of those emails are intriguing  enough to open, others, not so much. So, how do you ensure you are on the opening end of that plain text email?

Sales Enablement

The Fundamentals of a Sales Pipeline

By Kevin Dean | June 8, 2018
Sales prospects rarely approach a company and purchase their product or services with just a single interaction. A sales pipeline is a defined process that allows you to see how your prospects move prospects from the initial interaction with you all the way to the close of a sale. Each stage in the pipeline is based on specific actions, and your customer relationship management (CRM) solution can represent this in a more visual way for you. 

Sales Enablement

Actionable Ways to Close the Loop Between Marketing and Sales

By Amy Post | May 24, 2018
  We know that one of the biggest challenges facing business leaders today is getting their sales and marketing teams to work together. But, when your sales and marketing teams don't work together, a number of things can happen, such as: ⋅You won't know where your advertising dollars are going ⋅Neither team will have clear goals ⋅Neither team will know how to improve


Medical Marketing Tips: Leveraging HubSpot & Inbound for Healthcare

By Amy Post | September 6, 2017
Why use Inbound for Medical Marketing? (The quick breakdown) 1. It provides data you can use to close medical sales faster. 2. It automates your processes, creating more time to focus on business growth and strategies. 3. Combined with HubSpot, all medical marketing and sales efforts can be tracked and leveraged more effectively. 4. It's more effective than traditional medical sales efforts like cold calling and buying lead lists.


How to Navigate Sales Meetings With Medical Professionals

By Amy Post | August 30, 2017
Congratulations! You’ve landed that one-on-one meeting with the decision-maker or lead physician at that medical clinic or hospital you’ve been waiting months and months to book. It’s a massive opportunity that you don’t want to lose, so you’ve got to make sure you nail it and win the business.

Sales Cycle

Why Does My Sales Cycle Take So Long?

By Amy Post | August 9, 2017
If you are like us, a B2B business with a premium-level service and a price to match it, you might find yourself frustrated about just how long the sales cycle takes with your prospects. You may always be saying things like, “I think they’ll sign soon, but we’ll see.” Then, three months and seven meetings later, you finally see the email come through with a signed agreement. But for real, why in the world does it take so long to close these customers?