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Kevin Dean
by Kevin Dean
on October 2, 2011

As explained in the early post, a strategy map is a visual representation of an organization's strategy broken down into rows called perspective. Within each perspective row are found the corresponding strategic business objective. The perspective rows are layered to indicate strategic support. Upward facing arrows connect objectives to show cause & effect dependency.

Each perspective row also contains a column that outlines how success will be measured or the KPI (Key Performance Indicators). In addition, there is a column that depicts the key initiatives required to meet the strategic objectives.

The Perspectives in a Social Media Strategy Map are:
1. Financial
2. People
3. Conversations
4. Platforms
5. Process & Training

Strategy Maps are a valuable tool to communicate and link strategic objectives across the organization. Social Strategy Maps help to clarify and gain consensus around your strategy and ensure that all initiatives are tied to company financials.