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Serena Bonarski
by Serena Bonarski
on February 22, 2018


We’re no strangers to the HubSpot purchasing process. We went through it ourselves, and as an inbound marketing agency and a HubSpot partner, we get questions about it from clients, prospects, and our marketing peers all the time. What is Hubspot? And why is it so expensive?

We’re a busy office here at ManoByte, and we missed Valentine’s Day by a week or so, but here we are with our metaphorical boom box: we are madly, deeply, truly in love with HubSpot. We understand that for those of you who are just getting started with inbound and content marketing, or who are putting more time and resources towards your marketing strategy, considering an investment in HubSpot can cause some sticker shock. But here’s our bottom line: HubSpot is worth it for us, it’s worth it for our clients, and we think it can be worth it for you, too.


Comprehensive Marketing and Sales Tools

HubSpot is our go-to for all of our digital marketing efforts. From website development to content strategy and ongoing content management, from lead generation to automated email workflows, and on, and on, everything you need for designing and implementing an inbound marketing strategy for your company can be found in one convenient place. But wait, there’s more: HubSpot has expanded its focus from a marketing platform to include a fantastic CRM, sales platform, and options for integrating other apps and software if you’re already comfortable with them or notice an industry-specific gap that needs to be filled.

Not only is the HubSpot platform convenient, it’s also so much more user-friendly than many of its competitors. For example, marketers praise its content management system (CMS), but more importantly, non-marketers love it for putting control of their website back in their own hands. With helpful, data-driven guidance on practically every tool for search engine optimization (SEO), improving visitor experience, and more, even someone who’s brand new to the world of inbound can create content that attracts and nurtures leads -- believe me, I was one of them. And for those projects where on-the-fly, trial-and-error learning isn’t going to cut it, HubSpot provides lots of support and training; but more on that later.

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Provable (and Improvable) Results

One of the best things about investing in HubSpot is that you don’t need to guess about how much you’re getting back. The platform allows you to track your website, blog, social media, ad campaigns, and emails and shows you exactly where customers are coming from. This allows you to go to your higher-ups and show them, down to the dollar amount, how your work as a marketer is literally paying off. By using HubSpot to calculate your marketing ROI, you may find that the initial investment was not so expensive after all.

As for improvement, with in-depth analytics about every aspect of your marketing efforts, you know exactly what’s working and what’s not, allowing you to focus your efforts on the things that bring in the most leads, and therefore the most value. If your customers love weekly content round-ups but never open their Twitter feed, you know you can reallocate your time spent tweeting to creating the content and emails that leads will engage with.

Constantly Expanding Support and Knowledge Base

In today’s world, marketing is hard. Consumers are simultaneously bombarded with advertising and distracted from it, and distinguishing yourself from competitors requires so much more than creating a billboard or television ad. For people who may not have extensive marketing training, stepping into the realm of inbound marketing is daunting. Fortunately, part of your HubSpot purchase is access to a wealth of support, training, and solutions from other HubSpot users. If you need to learn how to write great social media messages, build a landing page, or leverage other HubSpot features to their fullest, the platform provides you with a variety of ways to do so.

Moreover, the folks at HubSpot understand that getting your brand in front of your personas’ eyes is tough, and they’re always trying to stay two steps ahead on marketing strategies that will deliver the results you need. And while straying from the tried-and-true into new territory is always scary, they’ve created resources to help you along the way.

Bonus: It's Not As Expensive As You Think*

*if you buy it from a HubSpot partner. Even if you don’t plan on partnering with an inbound marketing agency like ManoByte to execute your marketing strategy, purchasing HubSpot through an agency can knock $3,000 right off the top of your cost. The price directly from HubSpot includes a one-time onboarding fee, which they charge for services to get you started, such as technical setup, initial advising on strategy, and training.

As a HubSpot partner, we can give you the exact same support, plus a personal touch that’s almost impossible to get from corporate. Our team is made up of HubSpot certified experts, and we’re passionate about teaching others in our community about the latest in the world of inbound. Combining our love of training and HubSpot? It’s our dream come true! And don’t worry, if you’re not in the market for outsourcing your marketing efforts, we understand and respect that. Purchasing HubSpot from us has no strings attached -- we’ll just give you the little push you need to get going.

If you’re still on the fence about purchasing HubSpot, we’d love to talk to you about whether or not it’s the right fit for your business. And if you’re ready to dive right in, drop us a line! We’ll get you set up and running your very own inbound marketing strategy in no time. Just click below to contact us, and we'll get back to you within one business day.I'm Ready To Get Started With HubSpot


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