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How Manufacturing Companies Can Leverage Instagram

By Megan Prangley | June 14, 2017
Instagram may be the hub of food photos and well-angled selfies, but did you know it also holds massive potential as a marketing tool for those in the manufacturing industry? Whether you're producing office furniture, plastic parts, consumer goods, or anything else, if you're not on Instagram sharing your brand's message - then you're missing out on a pretty big promotional opportunity for your business. Keep reading for a few fun ways your manufacturing company can start using this channel for free today.


Inbound Marketing Tips for Furniture Manufacturers

By Megan Prangley | April 7, 2017
Furniture manufacturers, we know you work hard every day assembling unique pieces, cutting, edging, staining, sourcing supplies, collaborating with clients, the list goes on and on. When your day is jam packed with time-sensitive and essential tasks, it's easy to let marketing fall by the wayside. Inbound marketing presents many solutions for furniture manufacturers, continue reading this blog for an outline of quick tips to improve your marketing initiatives and download our free eBook for a comprehensive breakdown of how inbound can make your life easier.


10 Stats that Prove Why Manufacturers Need Inbound Marketing

By Lauren Wantroba | April 5, 2017
Not sure if inbound marketing is for you? Don't think your potential customers are online searching for you? Take a look below at some statistics that will make you think twice!


4 Ways B2B Furniture Manufacturers Can Use Video

By Lauren Wantroba | February 17, 2017
If you don’t have some type of video on your business website, you are definitely missing out on an incredible marketing opportunity, but the good news is, it’s not too late to start incorporating video into your plans. According to HubSpot, 96% of B2B organizations use video in some capacity in their marketing campaigns, to which 73% report positive results to their ROI. For B2B furniture manufacturers, some will hear about video marketing and will turn away thinking they don’t need it, when statistics show they do. With more and more information being provided online, most buyers are 90% of their way through the purchase process before getting a sales rep involved, making video a crucial step in getting the correct information out to your target markets.


Why Inbound Marketing Works for Furniture Manufacturers

By Shawn Persons | January 2, 2017
Furniture manufacturers work with a diverse customer base from distributors and dealers, to designers and architects, to business owners and end users of their products. Communicating with this vast network of contacts can be a daunting task, let alone marketing to them. How does a manufacturer connect with all these groups, solve their challenges, and ultimately form an ongoing business relationship? Enter, inbound marketing. Read on for practical ways inbound marketing works for this industry.


5 Stats That Prove Manufacturers Need Inbound in 2016

By Amy Post | October 15, 2015
Ah the manufacturing industry, you all are an intelligent, interesting (and sometimes maybe even a little stubborn) group of businesses. For several years now, marketing agencies like ours have been working to get the message of inbound marketing to manufacturing companies so they can understand the many benefits it can offer them. We often get resistance because: “inbound doesn’t make sense for our business, we are far too complex.” But now, not only do we know that inbound strategies can work for manufacturing, but HubSpot has given us a 76-page document to prove it works for any nay-sayers out there.


Top 10 YouTube Marketing Channels for Manufacturers

By Gillian | May 28, 2015
YouTube has become an essential platform for digital marketing. The ability to create and upload video content makes it that much easier to reach and engage with potential customers across any industry. Of course, the fact that YouTube is such a valuable tool also means that you could spend a year watching YouTube videos and not even begin to scratch the surface of the available content. That's why we have put together a list of channels that can be particularly helpful for manufacturing marketers. By no means is this an exhaustive list, but it's certainly a good start if you're new to using YouTube to learn about marketing, manufacturing, and news.


Why Inbound Marketing for Manufacturers Works

By Gillian | May 21, 2015
Manufacturing companies need inbound marketing. It's not a matter of "if" because it is simply true.  But as a manufacturing marketer, you may not yet be familiar with the inbound marketing methodology. Or you might have some idea about how inbound marketing works, but you can't see how it will work for you.